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If I Can Do It - Anyone Can!

How to Reach Your Goals MasterClass by Pen Densham


Saturday, July 28, 5:00 PM 



You have an idea for a story, but don't know where to go next...Don't worry! Filmmaker Pen Densham (Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves,Twilight Zone, Outer Limits) will teach you how to tap into your inner creative unconscious while simultaneously hitting deadlines and producing work. The is perfect for storytellers who are starting a new project or are stuck in the middle of one.

Blizzard Entertainment MasterClass


Monday, July 30, 3:00 PM 


Video Game FX Artist Bill LaBarge, Modeling Supervisor Shannon Thomas, and Senior TD Vimanyu Jain from Blizzard Entertainment (World of Warcraft, Diablo series) will give insight from one of the world's most successful gaming and animation studios by sharing Blizzard's trusted approach to video game production.