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JULY 25, 3:45PM 

Young Bucks
USA / Documentary / 15 minutes

Director: Rance Randle

Producer: Andy McGraw, Dimitri Kalagas, Whitney Husnik, Aileen Bailat

Cast: Jamelle Knight, Tank Adams, Aleeyah Roberts

Journey into a world where some of the most fearless beings on the planet risk their lives to find peace.
For these Young Bucks, it's not just about being a Cowboy or Cowgirl. It's about connecting to themselves.

The Expert at the Card Table.jpg
The Expert at the Card Table – Looking for Erdnase
USA/Germany / Documentary / 1 hr 24 minutes

Director: Hans-Joachim Brucherseifer

Writer: Theresa Worm

Producer: Nicolas Kronauer

Cast: Florian Beyer

The best magicians of the 21st century set out on a journey to search for the lost author of the most legendary book about the
art of sleight of hand. 

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