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JULY 25, 1:30PM 

Betsy & Irv.JPG
Betsy & Irv
USA / Documentary / 16 minutes

Director: Nicole Noren

Writer: Tom Junod, Paula Lavigne

Producer: Rayna Banks, Eric Neel, Laura Purtell

Using extensive archival video and photography, Betsy & Irv opens in the fall of 1978, as the Penn State football team seeks its first-ever number one national ranking. Senior Betsy Sailor is sexually assaulted the week after school begins by a member of the football team. 

The Hit.JPG
The Hit
USA / Documentary / 1 hr 24 minutes

Director/Writer: Christopher Jon Halsne

Producer: Christopher Jon Halsne, Brian Colister

Working with the world’s leading accident reconstruction engineers, a team of national-award-winning journalists spent three years reinvestigating a fatal crash where NASCAR racing legend Tony Stewart killed a young competitor. New evidence exposes how money, power, and fame may have corrupted a small-town justice system.

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