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JULY 25, 7:45PM 

USA / Drama / 9 minutes

Director/Writer: Julia Monahan

Producer: Emi Ellis, Lauren Lukow, Sallie Keena, Julia Monahan

Cast: Emi Ellis, Philip Smithey, Sallie Keena, Neil Vanides

A woman is haunted by inexplicable visions of a kitchen ladle in her everyday life until her suppressed memories reach a boiling point.

No Heartbeat.JPG
No Heartbeat
USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director: Jana Devino

Writer: Kandace James

Producer: Matt Devino, Brittany Zion Estrada

Cast: Zuri Starks, Alretha Thomas, David McClain, Zaria Kelley

In a near-future Roe Vs. Wade has been overturned nationwide, banning abortion under any circumstance. 15 year old Nola discovers she’s pregnant and must try to find a way to safely choose what she knows is best for her future, despite her family’s strong conservative beliefs.

The Big Red Bastard.jpg
The Big Red Bastard
USA / Comedy / 12 minutes

Director: Thomas Horvath

Writer: Cooper Barnes

Producer: Tom Horvath, Cooper Barnes

Cast: Cooper Barnes, Kelly Sullivan, Ben Giroux, Katie Massa Kennedy

A grizzled cop must bring to justice a deadly and mysterious menace who has left his city in ruins and his life in chaos.

USA / Comedy / 15 minutes

Director: James Sunshine

Writer: Tasha Hardy

Producer: Tasha Hardy

Cast: Bob Clendenin

CURIOSITY is a quirky dramedy about a bored, small town janitor, Bob Cooke, who has a not-so-secret double life of spying on people and impulsively getting into their business. When he witnesses the girl of his dreams being kidnapped, it sends him into a hyper stealth mode, working alongside his younger, skeptical friend Dustin – a cop wannabe.

In Sickness & In Health.jpg
In Sickness & In Health
USA / Comedy / 10 minutes

Director/Writer: Sarah Smick

Producer: Ian Michaels

Cast: Jess Weixler, Michael Mosley

A married couple struggles to accommodate one another in the lead-up to a high-stakes business lunch.

The Wild Abyss.JPG
This Wild Abyss
USA / Drama / 23 minutes

Director: Thomas Mendolia

Writer: Matthew Carlson

Producer: Matthew Carlson, Damon Laguna, Alexandra Cheng, Beidi Wang

Cast: Stephen Michael Spencer, Derek Wilson, Natalie Mitchell, Matthew Carlson

A former cowboy turned janitor with an eighth-grade education, Milt Humason forms an unlikely friendship with astronomer Edwin Hubble and assists him at Mt. Wilson Observatory, a partnership that leads to their discovery that the universe is expanding.

The Summer Of Snakes.jpg
The Summer Of Snakes
USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Lara Panah-Izadi

Producer: Tory Metzger, Louise de Stael, Nicole Jordan Webber

Cast: Isabella Crovetti, Will Murden, Sydney Lemmon, JB Waterman

A famous sculptor revisits a childhood summer haunted by a trauma that she will overcome through her colorful art.

The Stranger_edited.jpg
The Stranger
USA / Thriller / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Dan Burks

Producer: Sy Huq, Tracy Terrell Doyle, Tiffany Vollmer, Austin Seltzer

Cast: James Tupper, PJ Sosko, Natasa Fontaine, Abigail Jenkins

A stranger threatens to kill a family unless the father can answer the stranger’s only demand: “Tell me who I am.” But the father, Sam Moore, doesn’t know. So to save his family, he guesses. But Sam's guesses reveal more about his own past.

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