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JULY 25, 3:15PM 

Good Men and Unicorns.jpg
Good Men and Unicorns
USA / Drama / 20 minutes

Director: Jake Ebright

Writer: Jake Ebright, Capri Ebright

Producer: Jake Ebright

Cast: Jake Ebright, Kris Ann Russell

Eli Sanders is a transplant living in Los Angeles. Having lost his mother when he was just a boy and with no real family left, he goes on aimlessly through life with just his passion for movies to keep him company--that is, until he meets Anne.

Crash Into Me.JPG
Crash Into Me
USA / Comedy / 9 minutes

Director: Jamie Lewis

Writer: Jamie Lewis, Sam West

Cast: Samantha Futerman, Daniel A Stevens

A bickering couple, stuck on the beach, buried chest-high in the sand, try to escape before the tide rises.

USA / Romance / 18 minutes

Director: Lidiya Korotko

Writer: Caitlin Davis

Producer: Christina Naime, Akiya McKnight, Cookie Walukas

Cast: Dina Shuhaiber, Alex MacNicoll, Mousa Kraish

An Arab-American woman, isolated in rural America, is forced to confront the ghost of her marriage when she meets a sexy next-door neighbor.

USA / Romance / 16 minutes

Director: Sam Milman, Peter Vass

Writer: Rob Mor

Producer: Josette Eales, Rob Mor

Cast: Rob Mor, Natasha Loring, Johnno Wilson

After Michael's wife dies, his best friend encourages him to get back out there by downloading some dating apps. The only thing is his first match on the apps is with his deceased wife.

Bienvenidos A Los Angeles
USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Lisa Cole

Producer: Ben O'Keefe, Vivian Johnson, Cindy Lu, Lolia Etomi

Cast: Destiny Faith Nelson, Stacey Patino, Yvonne Huff Lee, Rashmi Rustagi

Inspired by true events, the film tells the timely story of Imani, a Tanzanian single-mother living in Los Angeles. When she offers to help a perfect stranger reunite with her son, Imani learns this simple act of kindness threatens to jeopardize her own path to citizenship.

USA / Romance / 12 minutes

Director: Jordan Ledy

Writer: Arun Narayanan, Jordan Ledy

Producer: Arun Narayanan, Jordan Ledy, Alexis Toone

Cast: Sarah Burns, Gage Biltoft, Sharayu Mahale

After their first date goes terribly wrong, twenty-something Brooklynites Tim and Neha get another shot at love thanks to an enigmatic bartender and an off-menu cocktail that can rewind time.

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