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USA / Animation / 9 minutes

Director/Writer: Christina Araujo

Producer: Clarence Williams IV

Cast: Scott Fortney, Laura Beth Ezzell

"Echoes" follows Harlan, an elderly man experiencing his life flashing before his eyes as he nears death. Believing he's in a dream, Harlan revisits memories with his wife Winnie, son Martin, and his childhood dog Wilbur, who appears as a spiritual guide.

USA / Animation / 5 minutes

Director: Povi Pullinen

Cast: Jorge Satou

A Yakuza member's life choices force him to contemplate what freedom means.

Tennis, Oranges.jpg
Tennis, Oranges
USA / Animation / 11 minutes

Director/Writer: Sean Pecknold

Producer: Sean Pecknold

Cast: Kent Chen

A robotic vacuum suffering from burnout quits its job at a hospital and sets out to find community and a greater purpose on a quiet street where two lonely rabbits are stuck in perpetual loops.

Cat Chaser.jpg
Cat Chaser
USA / Animation / 5 minutes

Director/Writer: SiJia Zheng

Producer: SiJia Zheng

Cast: SiJia Zheng

A little boy accidentally spots a cat fishing in the sky, but his parents don't believe him, so he wants to prove that what he says is true and is willing to spend everything he has to search for it, including his whole life.

A Robot Rom Com_edited.jpg
A Robot Rom Com
USA / Animation / 8 minutes

Director/Writer: Jonathan Hludzinski

Producer: Jonathan Hludzinski

Cast: Jonathan Hludzinski, Melanie Maras

A romantic comedy about a pair of robots who learn that love isn’t easy even if you can download it directly into your CPU.

USA / Animation / 2 minutes

Director: Tom Caulfield

Writer: Charles Solomon

Producer: Aubry Mintz

Cast: Rahaf Seahdh

Jasmine, a young Syrian artist was preparing for a meal with her mother when a bomb went off destroying their home and all that they had. After a panicked escape they make it safely outside only to find the destruction that remains in their war torn city. An aid worker recovers Jasmine’s sketchbook leading us on a journey of hope and resolve for their future.

Bottle George_edited.jpg
Bottle George
Japan / Animation / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Daisuke 'Dice' Tsutsumi

Producer: Noriko Matsumoto

Cast: Daisuke 'Dice' Tsutsumi, Nodoka Kumeda, Hajime Takagi

George, a strange caterpillar-like creature stuck in the bottle of alcohol, meets a girl and her cat. 13 minute stop motion animated short film about darkness of addiction and strength of family.

The Chase.jpg
The Chase
USA / Animation / 4 minutes

Director/Writer: David Will No

Producer: David Will No

Cast: David Will No, Anthony Nanakornpanom

A police detective thinks he has his guy, but quick thinking prevails, as a chase ensues throughout the city.

Dear Angela_edited.png
Dear Angela
Spain / Animation / 8 minutes

Director: José Luis Quirós, Paco Sáez

Writer: Paco Sáez

Producer: Nico Matji, Enrique Gato, Alfonso Gutiérrez Ferrándiz

Cast: Emma Suárez, Nicolás Coronado

The story of the short takes us to World War II and tells the moving story of Angela, whose world falls apart when her husband is called to fight and never returns. The story is an emotional exploration of love, loss and the power of memory.

In the Shadow of the Cypress.jpg
In the Shadow of the Cypress
Iran / Animation / 20 minutes

Director/Writer: Hossein Molayemi, Shirin Sohani

Producer: Hossein Molayemi, Shirin Sohani

A former captain, suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, lives with his daughter in a humble house located by the sea. Together, they live an isolated life and have to confront the challenges of a harsh life.

Mongly Syndrome K-POP Odd Couple.jpg
Mongly Syndrome: K-POP Odd Couple
Korea / Animation / 7 minutes

Director/Writer: Jin Choi

Producer: Jin Choi, Marlene Sharp

Sweet teen Maylee has two left feet and is tone deaf, but nothing stops her K-Pop dream! With support from her spritely, outta-this-worldly, MONGLY idol coach named TangTang, Maylee chases the chance to study at an elite pop idol school. Ignoring convention, TangTang trains Maylee in the art of overcoming obstacles, from stage fright to backstage rivalry.

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