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JULY 24, 5:30PM 

Still Hunting.JPG
Still Hunting
USA / Comedy / 19 minutes

Director: Chris Vinan

Writer: Chris Vinan, Nahuel Vilar

Producer: Chris Vinan, Nahuel Vilar

Cast: John Henry Richardson, Alex Crawford, Ryan Leader, Pablo Garcia, Jackie Green

A veteran turned hunter living in the city shoots coyotes for the local butcher until he has to turn his barrel on a new younger hunter intent on ruining his life.

Play Me Like That.JPG
Play Me Like That
USA / Drama / 24 minutes

Director: Julianna Robinson

Writer: Nicole Gabriella Scipione

Producer: Silas Weir Mitchell, Samantha Curley, Nicole Gabriella Scipione

Cast: Silas Weir Mitchell, Pamela Shaddock, Onahoua Rodriguez, Alina Phelan

Free-spirited sisters Slipper and Crescent (their parents were undoubtedly Burning Man meets Jesus freaks) have made a promise about the child they both long to have, until one sister's grasp on the promise starts to slip.

Good Cuban Girls.jpg
Good Cuban Girls
USA / Comedy / 10 minutes

Director/Writer: Sophia Costanzo

Producer: Henrietta Biayemi, Sophia Costanzo

Cast: Bianca Dovarro, Chloe Perez, Heidy Jantzen, Margarita Paetzold, Maria Skarbrevik

Samantha secretly applied to her dream college out East despite her Cuban family’s wish for her to stay close to home. While searching for a parking spot at the local college where Samantha is interviewing for a full ride, Samantha realizes that her sneaky younger sister stole the admittance letter to her dream school, and she must barter for it back if she wants to keep her secret from her family.

In Training.jpg
In Training
USA / Drama / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Kayla Compton

Producer: Kayla Compton, Rorelee Tio, Josiah Ruis

Cast: Kayla Compton, Danielle Nicolet, Brandon McKnight

In this action/drama a mysterious Trina brings a hot bartender, Nate, “home” to her makeshift bedroom inside a warehouse for a hook up. Before they can get started however, Nate notices major bruising, scars and fresh wounds all over Trina’s body. 

USA / Documentary / 10 minutes

Director: Michael Pedraza

Writer: James Mihaley

Producer: Eduardo Dolhun, Michael Pedraza, James Mihaley, Donna Pedraza

Cast: Eduardo Dolhun

In a city known for innovation and solving some of the world's most difficult challenges, San Francisco is faced with a crisis: how to address the worsening homeless situation.  As thousands of residents flee San Francisco to other parts of the United States, hundreds of homeless arrive in search of a city known for taking in the downtrodden and outcast.

Teller Number Four.JPG
Teller Number Four
USA / Comedy / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Peter Novosel

Producer: Peter Novosel

Cast: Seth Rogen, Ricky Mabe, Stacy Kaney, Sonny Valicenti

Kevin decides to turn around his mundane existence by asking out the girl of his dreams only to be forced to rob the very bank in which she works. All the while our Narrator experiences a mild existential crisis as they come to terms with the outcome of the story.

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