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TUESDAY JULY 23, 10:00 PM 

One Happy Customer_edited.jpg
One Happy Customer
USA / Animation / 6 minutes

Director: Watts

Writer: Tripp Watt, Jenna Watt

Producer: Tripp Watt, Jenna Watt, Rebecca Maar

Cast: Tripp Watt, Jenna Watt, Matthew Wheat

It’s business as usual, until one customer—an old, seemingly decrepit man—arrives looking for something more. And he’s got a trick or two of his own to impress the woman who’s seen it all.

USA / Horror / 3 minutes

Director: Sam David Zhang, Rohit Relan

Writer: Sam David Zhang, Umut Ipek

Producer: Hector Martinez, Fan Zhang

Cast: Clayton Farris

A man watching TV stumbles upon his new favorite channel: himself.

Neon Banana.jpg
Neon Banana
USA / Drama / 8 minutes

Director: Samuel-Ali Mirpoorian

Writer: Samuel-Ali Mirpoorian, Abdul Seidu

Producer: Samuel-Ali Mirpoorian, Brenton Oechsle

Cast: Abdul Seidu, Rana Ghiassi

A seemingly innocent online interaction quickly turns precarious.

USA / Horror / 25 minutes

Director/Writer: Grant Swanson

Producer: Christopher Behnen, Vokee Lee, Grant Swanson

Cast: Austin Ford, Ian Steven Peterson, Megan Rees

A lonely young man believes that he’s too ugly to date. One day, he receives a supernatural vision about a way that he can get with the girl of his dreams anyway.

Last to Leave_edited.jpg
Last to Leave
USA / Drama / 9 minutes

Director/Writer: Mary Elizabeth Ellis

Producer: Kendall Goldberg, Jon Bangle, Andrew Pack

Cast: Ginger Gonzaga, Mary Elizabeth Ellis, Malcolm Barrett


Let's Go Disco_edited.jpg
Let's Go Disco
USA / Horror / 13 minutes

Director: Austin Lewis

Writer: Alexis Stier, Megan Stier, Jake Smith

Producer: Seth Slaughter, Megan Stier, Alexis Stier

Cast: Mia Pollini, Allison Walter, Bambina

Trapped in a hellish disco club with no memory of how she got there, a young woman does everything she can to escape and survive.

JOHNNY MALIBU_edited.jpg
Johnny Malibu
USA / Comedy / 14 minutes

Director: William Mazzola

Writer: Carol Saraiva

Producer: Bia Gallo, Maju Cancella

Cast: Allen Marsh, Kent Kasper, Bayley Ellenburg

Johnny, a dedicated single father, is struggling to provide for his daughter when he accidentally meets Ron, his former agent, who invites him to come back to the porn industry to live his glorious days again.

Money Back Guarantee_edited.jpg
Money Back Guarantee
USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director/Writer: Jessica Rebecca Anderson

Cast: Alex Crawford

Single woman, Christine Dolores, goes about another peaceful day in Sunny California when suddenly it takes an unexpected turn when she answers a simple phone call. Hounded by an increasingly desperate salesman who threatens not only her tranquility but also her sanity. Will she ever find her way back to her sunny day?

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