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The Mare Above the Thread_edited.jpg
The Mare Above the Thread
USA / Drama / 18 minutes

Director/Writer: Braden Kimble

Producer: Ramón Martínez-Viota

Cast: Mae Newbern, Lynn Downey, John Charles Martin

Haunted by her past, a young woman's restless mind and growing lack of sleep intensify. As her memories and nightmares become increasingly indistinguishable, the intentions of those around her take on a more menacing form. Are they here to assist her, or have her nightmares materialized into reality?

Candy Puppet.JPG
Candy Puppet
USA / Fantasy / 9 minutes

Director/Writer: Angela Lorena Statnik

Producer: Angela Lorena Statnik

Cast: Jeff Dewitt, Cierra Hunter, Evey Franceschini

When a gluttonous young woman eats as she shops candy, she unknowingly unlocks a portal for a magician mime, who comes from a limbo to reincarnate into her body.

Fuck You, Cupid.JPG
Fuck You, Cupid
USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director/Writer: Felipe Marinheiro

Producer: Felipe Marinheiro

Cast: Madison Vice, Starla Caldwell, Ranen Navat

When a heartbroken woman seeks the mystical help of an enigmatic psychic to reclaim her lost love, her wish is granted. However, as her rekindled romance unfolds, she is haunted by the question: is his love real, or just a spellbound mistake?

The Class.JPG
The Class
USA / Drama / 18 minutes

Director/Writer: Kirsta Peterson

Producer: Kirsta Peterson

Cast: Kirsta Peterson

Mel has always dreamed of losing herself in a role, but when her acting class blurs the line between clique and cult there may be no coming back.

USA / Drama / 13 minutes

Director: Natalie Schwan

Writer: Nell Lawson

Producer: Natalie Schwan, Nell Lawson

Cast: Malin Barr, Ali Badalov

LA-newbie Emily cannot believe her luck when Hollywood A-Lister
Harris Shaw approaches her on the street and instigates a romantic entanglement.

USA / Drama / 24 minutes

Director: Laura Delhauer, Jack Merline

Writer: Laura Delhauer

Producer: Laura Delhauer, Jack Merline, Devon Donis

Cast: Laura Delhauer, Jacqueline Guillen

In this story we follow EL, an artist who is battling chronic physical and emotional pain, as she attempts to understand what ails her. Invasive testing, cold, dismissive doctors, and a far too chipper roommate, combined with the crippling pain, bring our protagonist to the edge of her sanity before finally getting some answers.

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