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JULY 23, 1:00PM 

USA / Drama / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Chloë de Carvalho

Producer: Katja Kulenkampff

Cast: Arlo Ray, Silas Stoebe, Fae Margarete

Three young children sneak out alone for a day in the mountains. Their world is a wild and curious one: alliances are made, death is contemplated, swings are swung and stories told under the hot sun.

Lazy People.jpg
Lazy People
USA / Drama / 20 minutes

Director: Jacqueline Postajian, Kathryn Ferentchak

Writer: Jacqueline Postajian

The stories of loss and persistent survival are just under the surface in the community of an all-Armenian apartment complex. When the adults are at work, seven-year old Khatchig’s disastrous attempts to impress his neighborhood crush will have far-reaching repercussions.

USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director: Yolande Geralds

Writer: Allen Beard

Producer: Mechelle McCain

Cast: Mechelle McCain

Michelle is a protecting, loving, caring mother of two girls. She caters to there every needs and makes sure she gives them what she never had a stable environment. The only thing is her career choice is human trafficking little girls. She is the boss and takes pride in her hustle. If these two worlds ever collide what would be the outcome?

Father Figure.jpg
Father Figure
USA / Drama / 9 minutes

Director/Writer: Ben Willis-Teff

Producer: Ben Willis-Teff

Cast: Jude Friedman, Phillip Andre Botello, Bryan Patrick McCulley, Melissa Drew

FATHER FIGURE explores modern family dynamics through the eyes of a young boy, taking place on America's Independence Day. The story follows Sam, a young boy who loves to draw, as he reluctantly spends the day stuck at home alone with his stepfather.

USA / Drama / 20 minutes

Director: John Knight

Writer: John Knight, Max Huss, Dakota Martinez

Producer: John Knight, Karen Corbett

Cast: Donald Clark, Tyler Richmeier

Two struggling tech startup entrepreneurs struggle work together and fulfill their purpose after finding out the course of their own futures.

USA / Drama / 7 minutes

Director: Vivian Kerr

Writer: Cory Stonebrook

Producer: Rachel Stander, Stephanie Drake, Vivian Kerr

Cast: Stephanie Drake, Joel Kelley Dauten, Vivian Kerr

A reconciliation brunch goes awry when someone brings an unexpected guest.

USA / Drama / 6 minutes

Director/Writer: Josh Cohen

Producer: Josh Cohen

Cast: Josh Cohen, Kellie Jo Tinney

One man. One million crumbs. Only one way forward.

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