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JULY 22, 3:15PM 

The Invisible.JPG
The Invisible
USA / Drama / 9 minutes

Director: Michele Antonio Parisi

Producer: Michele Antonio Parisi, Maria Grazia Ciccarelli

Cast: Steven Littles, Holland MacFallister

This project was born to talk about the issue of homelessness in the US in particular about homeless veterans living on the streets of Los Angeles.
Through this story we want to communicate a message of hope despite the difficulties homeless veterans have to live through every day.

Return to Sender.JPG
Return to Sender
USA / Suspense / 18 minutes

Director/Writer: Russell Goldman

Producer: Jamie Lee Curtis, Jake Katofsky

Cast: Allison Tolman, Emma Pasarow

From producer Jamie Lee Curtis comes a chilling short story about a woman involved in a delivery scam that grows increasingly strange.

The Goldern Years.JPG
The Golden Years
USA / Romance / 6 minutes

Director/Writer: Joshua Nathan

Producer: Qiyi Fan

Cast: Stephen Tobolowsky

Donald and Loretta find reconnection.

The Duel.jpg
The Duel
USA / Drama / 19 minutes

Director: Vladislav Alex Kozlov

Cast: Christopher Dennis, Franco Nero

Christopher Dennis is a Hollywood Superman working on Hollywood Blvd for over 25 years. In the morning, he wakes up in his trashy poor apartment and gets an eviction notice from the manager. He doesn't even have food in his fridge, however, he continues his routine - he dresses up as Superman and goes to the Hollywood boulevard to portray his dream character.

USA / Thriller / 10 minutes

Director: Austin Lewis

Writer: Alexis Stier, Megan Stier

Producer: Alexis Stier, Megan Stier, Seth Slaughter, Jake Smith, Austin Lewis

Cast: Megan Stier, Alexis Stier, Joey Berends

A pair of emotionally stunted twin sisters seek to remedy a childhood trauma, but each attempt takes them further into the deep end.

Fight Like A Mother.JPG
Fight Like a Mother
USA / Drama / 24 minutes

Director/Writer: Meagan Noel Fulps

Producer: Meagan Noel, Michelle Lewitt, Ashley Platz, Katie Larsen

Cast: Ashley Platz, Alyshia Ochse, Eme Ikwuakor, Sam Daly

An amateur boxer attempts a comeback after having a baby.

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