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JULY 21, 5:30PM 

Here & There.jpg
Here & There
USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director: Krista Amigone

Writer: Bill Ferris

Producer: Steven LaMorte

Cast: Bill Ferris, Jennie Fahn

“Here & There” is a short film in which siblings cope with parental death, family responsibilities and the repercussions of pursuing dreams.

War of Colors.JPG
War of Colors
USA / Drama / 19 minutes

Director/Writer: Emir Kumova

Producer: Emir Kumova, Donald Nguyen, Jason Quan

Cast: Diandra Forrest, Curtis J. McDaniel

Set in America, a young Black woman with white skin due to Albinism struggles to fit in with society.

Australia / Comedy / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Brett Cousins

Producer: Brett Cousins, Teisha Lowry, Amelia Ford

Cast: Teisha Lowry, Brett Cousins

Bub and Rabbit enjoy a dynamic and spontaneous relationship full of intense love, adventurous travel, earth shattering sex, fiery arguments, and profound connection. So what happens when Rabbit insists on moving in?

Green Kola_.JPG
Green Kola
USA / Drama / 16 minutes

Director/Writer: Alexandra Vino

Producer: Antoine Verglas, Lera Loeb

Cast: Alexandra Vino, Eugenia Kuzmina, Katherine Wallach, Todd English, Daniel Hendricks Simon

In New York City, Frances top fashion photographer, Antoine Verglas, is hired to shoot the campaign of the year, with America's Sweetheart, Nina Finch. Green Kola is a "politically correct" satire mockumentary, based on the inner workings of the opportunistic players that revolve round a Hollywood Starlet.

Ball and Vase_3.jpg
Ball and Vase
USA / Drama / 31 minutes

Director/Writer: David Baram

Producer: Julie Anne Robinson

Cast: Austin Pendleton, Diane J Findlay

When an ailing and widowed 92-year-old magician learns his grandson will not be visiting for his last Christmas, he struggles to reconnect with the world--and himself—one last time by attempting to perform at a local pub that he used to visit with his wife.

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