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JULY 21, 3:15PM 

USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director: Roy Huang

Writer: Patrick Lota

Producer: Patrick Lota

Cast: Jude Lota, Solomon Huang, Jane Lota, Peirce Thompson

Kai is a basketball star, popular kid and all around social media darling. While his younger brother looks up to him and yearns to be exactly like him, it leads to one disappointment after another as Kai has no patience for his younger sibling. After an accident keeps Kai off the court, he finds the true meaning of brotherhood and re-evaluates who his true friends are.

As The Tide Comes In_.JPG
As The Tide Comes In
USA / Drama / 8 minutes

Director/Writer: Keana Issartel

Producer: Keana Issartel

Cast: Keana Issartel, E.J Bonilla, Nick Krause

As the Tide Comes in' is a silent film that explores the puzzling in-betweens moving from a toxic relationship into a healthy one, and all of the resistance that comes with that. "I felt it important to depict this film with no dialogue (and to reach across all borders) to truly represent all of the feelings and emotions that we can't express with words, but rather through heightening of the senses and experience."

Take Care.JPG
Take Care
USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Myra Aquino

Producer: Myra Aquino, Ceren Bulca

Cast: Roxy Shabestari, Christy St. John, Andre Jackson, Intae Kim, Camille James Harman

A resident fatally overdoses on fentanyl in the call room of a busy county hospital, and her hospital team struggles to respond in the aftermath.

Wild Braid.JPG
Wild Braid
USA / Drama / 13 minutes

Director: Yasmine Diba

Writer: Medalion Rahimi

Producer: Hannah Perko-Engel, Medalion Rahimi

Cast: Medalion Rahimi, Mojean Aria

A traditional western storyline of an unsuspecting femme fatale but with Middle Eastern undertones as we follow Golnaz, a lonesome girl in a dead end job with no prospects for the future. She meets a handsome traveler, Darius, headed for the big city. 

USA / Drama / 9 minutes

Director/Writer: Jess Berry

Producer: Jess Berry

Cast: Jess Berry, Janae Berry

Home for a birthday visit with her family, a career-driven daughter must come to terms with the heart-breaking differences she has with her beloved mother.

Hang Up_edited.jpg
Hang Up
USA / Drama / 9 minutes

Director/Writer: Tsarina Merrin

Producer: Tsarina Merrin

Cast: Tsarina Merrin, Al Merrin, Sandy Sabean, Blu Detiger


USA / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Lindsey E. Gary

Producer: Andrew J. Amato, Lindsey E. Gary, Tyler Nelson

Cast: Stella Maeve, Ella Grace Helton, Chistopher Allen

Over one disorienting evening, Rosa discovers that her daughter has developed unusual abilities that threaten the harmony of her perfect family, and the world at large.

The Courier.JPG
The Courier
USA / Drama / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Jon Robben, Zach Wiegmann

Cast: Elyse Mirto, Jon Robben

A motorcycle courier is invited into a woman's home to learn about an important delivery.

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