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Mola - Mola Oddity
France / Music Video / 4 minutes

Director/Writer: Laurent Nathan Grey

Producer: Stink Films China

Cast: Cai Jie Guo

Mola Mola pinky Mola
Could you take me home
Anywhere out of the winter’s tale

Shadow Dancer_edited.jpg
Shadow Dancer
USA / Drama / 6 minutes

Director/Writer: Nikki Groton

Producer: Nikki Groton, Mary Risk

Cast: Kelsey Susino, Brittany Faith Rosoff

BROOKE, one of the few female tap choreographers at her company, must fight her surreal and violent shadow hallucinations to rehearse for the biggest opportunity of her life.

Blood Brothers_edited.jpg
Blood Brothers
USA / Drama / 14 minutes

Director: Riley Anton Donavan

Writer: Owen Kneeland

Producer: Riley Donavan, Owen Kneeland, Adam Aguirre

Cast: Owen Kneeland, Isaac Stackonis, Miguel Rojas

After a robbery gone wrong, two incompetent brothers Luke & Donny are responsible for the murder of one of the most feared gangsters in town, Vincent Kane. 

USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director/Writer: Olivia Lige Wuri

Producer: Olivia Lige Wuri

Cast: Maya Haughawout, Niah Andino, Billy Hirsch

Living with her control freak father, submissive teen girl Faye never gets the courage to stand up for herself, even if she’s teased by her classmates. Meeting with a rebellious teen girl named Lexi, Faye questions her weakness, starts to feel love and courage, and finally breaks free.

USA / Horror / 16 minutes

Director/Writer: Amelia Joyce

Producer: David Gomez Carrascal, Stacy Snyder, Roberta Sparta

Cast: Madison Fair, Felix Merback, Molly Anderson

A teenage girl with a significant connection to nature is attacked by bullying classmates. A reckoning is unleashed to defend herself, and the creatures she cherishes.

ARO'S WORLD_edited.jpg
Aro's World
USA / Horror / 13 minutes

Director: Vibha Kulkarni

Writer: Vibha Kulkarni, Austin Williams

Producer: Yuqin Hong, Austin Williams

Cast: Kaya Johnson, Moses Massena, Sapna Kumar

Desperate to escape the bitter reality with his older brother Marcus, ADI, a preteen boy, befriends sock-puppet ARO, who promises to take him to ARO’s WORLD, where he can change the past by reuniting with his dead father.

Meat Cleaver!.jpg
Meat Cleaver!
USA / Horror / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Jared Asher Harris

Producer: Katie Anne Moy

Cast: Socorro Jones, Jessica Ruth Bell, Rob Moore

Oh no! Wendy has a meat cleaver in her head

USA / Horror / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Brendan Butler

Producer: Brendan Butler

Cast: Sam Cass

Stetson, a recovering addict trying to escape his past life, moves into a new apartment where he discovers a hole in his wall allowing him to watch in on his neighbors… who may or may not be watching him…

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