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Two Women Make a Lunch Plan_edited.jpg
Two Women Make a Lunch Plan
USA / Comedy / 2 minutes

Director: Elizabeth Archer

Writer: Nick Logsdon

Producer: Elizabeth Archer, Nick Logsdon

Cast: Eilise Guilfoyle, Jade Kaiser

Two women—who have neither seen nor heard from one another in quite some time—run into each other while out and about and make a plan to get lunch sometime in the future.

USA / Drama / 11 minutes

Director: C. Fraser Press
Writer: Ashley Bower

Producer: Ashley Bower, Josh Foglio, Kelly Cassinerio

Cast: Maeve Press, Brittany Curran

When a teenager who’s on her way to a post-funeral reception gets stuck in an elevator with a newly single woman in her twenties, the two strangers begin to bond as they realize that their biggest obstacle isn’t that they’re stuck physically — but emotionally.

USA / Comedy / 8 minutes

Director: Isabel Calvin-Smith

Writer: Isabel Calvin-Smith, Rachel Finn-Lohmann

Producer: Isabel Calvin-Smith, Rachel Finn-Lohmann, Tommy Lohmann

Cast: Sami Cavestani, Emma Jenkins-Purro, Wren Arthur

On the brink of losing her job, an assistant finally opens up to her boss about her dyslexia.

USA / Comedy / 16 minutes

Director: Julianna Robinson

Writer: Julianna Robinson, Sean Kohnen

Producer: Julianna Robinson, Sean Kohnen

Cast: Abby Eiland, Greg Smith, Alina Phelan

Meredith and her wife get a jaw dropping surprise when Meredith’s brother brings over his unusual new girlfriend, sending their family dinner spiraling into chaos.

USA / Comedy / 6 minutes

Director/Writer: John M Riva Jr.

Producer: Breanna Wing

Cast: Jack T. Gibson, Ari R P, Adam J. Riva

Three friends take a vacation on a remote island attempting to resuscitate their decaying friendship. On their final night toghether, the realize they're not alone.

5 Stages of Grief.jpg
5 Stages of Grief
USA / Comedy / 10 minutes

Director: Foster Wilson

Writer: Brian Leahy

Producer: Lola Noh, Allison Powell

Cast: Amber Stonebraker, Guy Wilson, Rodney To

Caroline has just been forced to terminate her cat, and her boyfriend Todd is emotionally unavailable. With her dead cat stuffed into her shoulder bag, Caroline drags Todd to the desert to bury her beloved pet. But as her frustration mounts, caught in a grief cycle that has no perceivable end, Caroline ends up burying a few more bodies – and most of her feelings.

The Fall Out.JPG
The Fall Out
USA / Comedy / 9 minutes

Director/Writer: Jeffrey Jones, Marieve Herington

Producer: Jeffrey Jones, Marieve Herington

Cast: Marieve Herington, Rich Ceraulo Ko, Nicole Pacent

When a new mother's mind and body fall apart, she learns to take the first steps to recover her self.

Baby Face.JPG
Baby Face
USA / Comedy / 8 minutes

Director: Jim Simone

Writer: Caroline Bloom, Stephanie Drake

Producer: Caroline Bloom, Stephanie Drake

Cast: Caroline Bloom, Stephanie Drake

A young aging actress reconnects with her former scene partner to ask a vital favor that could change the course of her career.

Sick Day
USA / Comedy / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Hughes Ransom

Producer: Amanda Prager, Tyler Burke, Hughes Ransom

Cast: Amita Rao, James Adomian, Samiya Khan

A burnt out assistant's perfect plan to be sent home sick is derailed when a swarm of locusts invade Los Angeles.

USA / Comedy / 9 minutes

Director/Writer: Carrie Gifford

Producer: Carrie Gifford, Ebony Hurr

Cast: Arlo Mertz, Maya Knell, Kirk Ward

As her 13th birthday party approaches, Penny Day is determined to find Bubbles - a beloved clown who has been overcome by an unshakable sadness.

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