The Dark Room
USA / Horror / 21 minutes 

Director: Adrienne Lovette

Writer: John Rice

Producer: Margaret A. Romolo Zukor, Ella Jane New

Cast: John Rice, Erica Camarano

TheDarkRoom (1).jpg

When adventurous strangers at a psychic party unexpectedly contact the spirit of a young murdered girl, they discover their host's intentions are much darker than anyone first believed.

The Exceptionally Boring Life.jpg
The Exceptionally Boring Life Of Mallory Plumber
USA / Horror / 4 minutes 

Director/Writer: Teresa Decher

Producer: Karley Ferlic

Cast: Jackie Ho, Hermoine Lynch


A young woman investigates a mysterious package sent to her by mistake.

The Fear_edited.jpg
The Fear
Ireland / Horror / 5 minutes 

Director/Writer: Stevie Russell

Producer: Dawn Mac Allister

Cast:​ Manus Halligan, Kelly Shatter


Striking doubt, shame and regret into unsuspecting victims. The Fear is that feeling you get when the world seems to come crashing in. He preys on those that feel alone. People are easier to crack when they’re on their own.

The Invite_edited.jpg
The Invite
USA / Horror / 6 minutes 

Director: Jordan Rader

Writer/Producer: Jordan Rader, Jonathan Wiggs

Cast: Jonathan Wiggs, Alex McKenna


A short comedy film following a vampire who needs to take a shit.

The Moogai_edited.jpg
The Moogai
Australia / Horror / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Jon Bell

Producer: Samantha Jennings, Kristina Ceyton

Cast: Shari Sebbens, Meyne Wyatt


An Aboriginal psychological horror story of a family terrorised by a child-stealing spirit.

The Pey
USA / Horror / 9 minutes

Director/Writer: Ramone Menon

Producer: Ramone Menon, Patrick Rutnam

Cast: Katie Leszynski, Noelle Miller, Daniele Manzin


A social media-obsessed teenager is haunted by a terrifying monster after posting a mysterious GIF online.

The Ring Light_edited.jpg
The Ring Light
USA / Horror/Comedy, / 4 minutes 

Director: Barret Bowman

Writer/Producer: Mia Weinberger, Barret Bowman

Cast: Mia Weinberger


A parody of "The Ring", in which Rachel is haunted by her ring light.

The Thing That Ate The Birds_edited.jpg
The Thing That Ate The Birds
UK / Horror / 12 minutes 

Director/Writer: Sophie Mair, Dan Gitsham

Producer: Rebecca Wolff, Jude Goldrei

Cast: Eoin Slattery, Rebecca Palmer


On the North Yorkshire Moors, Abel, Head Gamekeeper, discovers the thing that is eating his grouse.

The Water Will Regret You.jpg
The Water Will Regret You
Uruguay / Horror / 15 minutes

Director/Writer/Producer: Marco Bentancor

Cast: Gustavo Suárez, Alfonsina Carrocio


A badly wounded man lies on a drifting boat. He is alone in the wild nature of the river, stalked by an aquatic creature that threatens to take his life. The man keeps a secret that will soon emerge from the water.

USA / Horror / 17 minutes 

Director: Grant Newcomb Henderson

Writer: Grant Newcomb Henderson, Aaron Garber

Producer: Helen Yu, Pat Alexander

Cast: Joe Chrest, Lana Young


When a passionless family man eats turducken (three bird roast) for the first time, he becomes dangerously obsessed with putting objects into progressively larger objects.

Japan / Horror / 16 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Kenichi Ugana

Cast: Shiho, Saki Hirai

Visitors (1).jpg

Haruka, Nana, and Takanori visit the house of Souta, a band member who has lost contact with them. But Souta's behavior is a little strange.

What happened downstairs_edited.jpg
What Happened Downstairs?
USA / Horror / 16 minutes 

Director/Writer: Andrew Nisinson

Producer: Andrew Nisinson, Meilin Gray

Cast: Meilin Gray


While staying at an Airbnb in upstate New York, Robert and May find themselves in a haunted house. The problem is, they can't remember anything that happens downstairs.