USA / Horror/Drama / 11 mins

Director/Writer: Tian Xu

Producer: Anya Salmen

Cast: Maxine Phoneix, Gary Mosher

After the mysterious death of her partner, Officer Crowley is determined to uncover the truth and all the consequences that comes with it. A story told through the perspective of police Body cams.

Extraneous Matter
Japan / Horror/Erotic / 22 mins

Director/Writer: Kenichi Ugana

Producer: Takashi Nakahara

Cast: Kaoru Koide, Shunsuke Tanaka

One day, a strange thing comes to her, who is suffering from being sexless with her boyfriend.

USA / Horror/Comedy / 10 mins

Director/Writer: Moh Azima

Producer: Moh Azima, Moh Azima

Cast:​ Brandi Bravo, Justin Wilson

A couple get away for a special weekend at a vacation rental in the country but when things start to get a little spooky, the cracks in their relationship start to show.

USA / Horror/Suspense / 4 mins

Director:Brian L Tan "BLT"

Writer: Jonathan Hirsch

Producer: Jonathan Hirsch

Cast: Dana Lee, Nikki SooHoo

Haunted by his experiences from the war, a Vietnam Veteran has had enough. Placing motion sensors around his property, he's decided to face his demons once and for all. Unfortunately, he's in for more than he bargained for.

Something Doesn't Feel Right
Ireland / Horror/Comedy / 10 mins

Director: Fergal Costello

Writer: Ged Murray

Producer: Fiona Kinsella

Cast: Tony Cantwell, Ali Hardiman

A weary slasher villain puts in the hours and planning necessary to pull off perfect kills until he encounters victims that don't behave like they should, dammit.

The Ceremony
USA / Thriller / 7 mins

Director: Jeremy Stewart

Writer: Addie Doyle, Lee Hurst

Producer: Addie Doyle, Lee Hurst

Cast: Addie Doyle, Lee Hurst

When Emmy arrives early for a birthday dinner, she is lured into taking part in a lavish ritual one last time.

The Mark
USA / Horror/Thriller / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Devin E. Haqq

Producer:Korey Jackson

Cast: Catherine Curtin, Kana Hatakeyama

A young single mother struggles against ominous forces, whom she believes are bent on taking her infant daughter.

You Missed a Spot
USA / Horror/Thriller / 14 mins

Director: Liam Walsh

Writer: Micah Fusco

Producer: Jelena Nik, Oona Wuolijoki

Cast: Michael Lyons, Tiffany Stringer

In a world where every single person is a clown, a mime escapes a cabin massacre and must find his voice to save the girl of his dreams.