Before It All Happened.jpg
Before It All Happened
UK / Romance / 24 minutes

Director: Elton Tan

Writer: Nicole Teh

Producer: Tiago Francisco

Cast: Sarah Bulmer, Chris Farfouris, Daria Sudomir


A groom (Nathan) is sent to the future on his wedding day - and is unsure if he likes what he sees.

Canada / Drama / 5 minutes

Director/Writer/Producer: Owen Linzhe Zhang


'Scorpio' has surfaced somewhere in remote Mainland China and an international joint task force is deployed to acquire or to neutralize the elusive criminal mastermind.

Conjugal Revivification.jpg
Conjugal Revivification
USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director/Writer: Reed H. Sharp

Producer: Jason Quan

Cast: Malia Pyles, Simon Pike, Stone Sharp


The late 60's, a young couple, Blue and Sherry, gets married right out of high school, is having problems in their relationship. With the birth of reoccurring therapy becoming accepted in society for the common person, they decide to give it a try in a last attempt to fix their marriage. The therapist obviously being new to the profession, decides to try interesting techniques, that he created himself.

Dial Tone.jpg
Dial Tone
USA / Drama / 3 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Noah Sellers T

Cast:​​ Dante Grace, Miles Fesler, Jason Sellers


An old man hires an assassin to dispose of his former colleague. 

Dirty Dishes_edited.jpg
Dirty Dishes
Hong Kong / Drama / 17 minutes 

Director: Lenny Luo

Writer: Lenny Luo, Jason Ing

Producer: Lenny Luo, Jason In 

Cast:​​ Benjamin Ting, Sherring Ng


Danny gets locked out of the house one night. His mother is home, but he's hesitant to go back inside.

USA / Horror / 3 minutes

Director/Writer: Arne Christiansen

Cast: Blake Christiansen, Signe Christiansen, Finn Christiansen, Arne Christiansen


A man stumbles upon a blind artist who draws a picture depicting his death.

USA / Drama / 21 minutes

Director/Writer: Wesley Wang

Producer: Simon Wu

Cast: Nikki Silva, Griffin Henkel


A single mother and her rebellious son try to find a job on the streets of Elmont, NY over the course of a day.

Forgive Me, Father.jpg
Forgive Me, Father
Germany / Drama / 22 minutes

Director/Writer/Producer: Jona Schlosser

Cast: Jannis Hain, Valentin Rosenberger, Martin Petzenhammer


1966 Germany is divided. Not far from East Berlin, 10-year-old Thomas grows up with his grandmother. It soon becomes clear that there is nothing normal about his family. As a small boy, he has to witness his mother being committed to a psychiatric institution for unknown reasons. This event haunts the boy up to his present. Plagued by a strong longing for his father, who emigrated to West Germany even before the construction of the German Wall, he plans his escape, which radically changes not only his life but also that of the border guard Johannes Bauer. 

Go Fish.JPG
Go Fish
USA / Drama / 6 minutes

Director/Writer: Ilia Wayans

Producer: Deven Nicotero, Nick Goodman

Cast: Max Addams, Sunnie Leon


An absent father attempts to reconnect with his 17-year-old daughter by taking her out to fish: their once beloved father-daughter activity.

USA / Sci-Fi / 8minutes

Director/Writer: Kai Willey, Noah Lillywhite

Producer: Noah Lillywhite

Cast: Eric Cregor, Nick Netzley, Brenda Cregor


Matthew finds himself stressed and frustrated with his day to day life. When he asks his intelligent AI "E.V.E." to get away from his daily work life, he finds that he may not get what he was expecting.

USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director: Sally-Anne Hunt

Writer: Sally-Anne Hunt, Hannah Theisen

Producer: Sally-Anne Hunt, Brent Duncan

Cast: Hannah Theisen, Sally-Anne Hunt


Two girls learn that people you meet online may not be who they say they are

Austria / Sci-Fi / 11 minutes

Director/Writer: Lukas Galle

Producer: Lukas Galle, Jan Anderle

Cast: Varvara Todorovic, Tamim Fattal


Living on a distant desert planet, Amy wakes up in a shabby old storage room. Her only goal is to leave this planet behind, unfortunately, changes of plans are needed as a security guard catches sight of her, sniffing for food.

USA / Drama / 12 minutes 

Director/Writer: Gabe Porath

Producer: Go Fund Me

Cast:​​ Brett Wilson, Andrés Alcalá


A man stranded on the side of the road gets help from a driver passing by. After some polite back and forth the conversation starts to take strange turns. Simultaneously so does the car as the passenger realizes he's lost.

The Puppet
USA  / Animation / 2  minutes

Director/Writer/Producer/Cast: Will Nordstrom

The_Puppet (1).jpg

A strange puppet encounters an old laptop that influences him to make a decision.

The Unwanted Guest.jpg
The Unwanted Guest
Belgium / Drama / 9 minutes

Director/Writer: Max Willocx

Producer: Ilse Willocx

Cast: Aza Declercq


A solitary woman (Christine), spends her time looking for treasures in flea markets. One evening she takes some findings to her workshop for restoration. She hears strange sounds and then the lights in the warehouse go out…

Ireland /  Horror / 15 minutes

Director: Max Hendrickson

Cast:​ Marc Ivan O'Gorman, David Hendrickson, Alayna Hendrickson


A man investigating an old isolated house discovers its sinister history.