This summer collaborate with new friends to create a short film from conception to final cut!

Interested in Acting? Directing? Cinematography? Editing?

Try it all and find your calling!





2:00 PM - 5:00 PM DAILY 

The Art Institute of California – Hollywood


At the LA Shorts Summer Film and Acting Camp, a group of students ranging from actors to crew members will collaborate in equally important, yet different roles to create a story and execute the filming with guidance from industry professional instructors and mentors over the course of four days.


Each day, students will be joined and mentored by an industry professional.


The best part is you don’t have to be a film geek to join us! The class is open to any student from 14-18 years old with no prior filmmaking or acting knowledge. They can just bring their phones to film their movies!


After four days of fun and rigorous writing, acting and filmmaking, students will walk out not only with a short film they helped contribute to making, but experience and knowledge to set them up for their film shoots to come.


While other camps allow access to tech-heavy industry equipment, our focus is on teaching students how practically make films on their phones, online writing programs and editing software that are easily and accessible and cheap/free once camp has ended.


Students are required to bring their camera phones, so we can prepare students them on how to make their films all year round!


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Registration for 1 student: ONLY $399

Purchase a second ticket for a friend or sibling for ONLY $200


Registration for 2 students: $500

Here’s how the four days break down:


Conception/Pre Production.

The Acting and Filmmaking students will work as a group to conceive of a story through improvisations and other writing exercises guided by their instructor and by a professional Actor/Improvisor mentor. Acting students will perform scenes while the Filmmaking students give direction and notes to help create the story for the class short film.


After an idea is improvised and thoroughly edited, students will then structure the idea into a short film script and then written on an industry standard screenwriting program. We will use a screenplay formatting program that is accessible outside of the classroom so students can use this program for their own future projects.  


The last part of class will be used to introduce students to various angles, composing a shot, setting a scene, etc. with their camera phones.


Every student (whether Acting or Filmmaking) is encouraged to jump up and improvise or try working with all different pieces of film equipment, but it is not mandatory



With the guidance of the instructor and a cinematography mentor, students will film their group script that was written on Day One using The Art Institute’s facilities.


Each Filmmaking student will take turns working in different production roles, while the Acting students perform. Students are encouraged to try as many different productions roles as possible, but it is not mandatory.


Production/Intro to Post Production.

Students will continue their production until completion.


The last half of the class will be dedicated to introducing the students to industry standard editing software under the guidance of the instructor and an editing mentor.


The remainder of class will be dedicated to editing of their films as a group on online software accessible to them at home.


Post Production. 

Students will edit their films, chose score and sound design for their films. At the end of the class, students will walk away with a finished short film.


Throughout the week, students are invited to immerse themselves in the LA Shorts Film Festival. Each student will receive a festival pass that allows access into each film screening and festival workshop.


Come make new friends, meet fellow storytellers and learn filmmaking skills and software to help start your journey as in the movie industry!