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Belgium / Drama / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Simon Heymans

Producer: Simon Heymans, Lawrence Absalon, Joao Vinhas

Cast: Laura Sépul, Eric Godon, Steve Driesen, Georges Siatidis

On the trail of a serial killer, a police investigator with formidable instincts is close to the goal when state security interferes in his case.

The last woman.jpg
The Last Woman
Belgium / Drama / 5 minutes

Director/Writer: Pierre Stine

Producer: Pierre Stine

Cast: Aleksandra Orbeck-Nilssen

A young woman wakes up millions of years after her civilisation went extinct.

Belgium / Drama / 19 minutes

Director/Writer: Valéry Carnoy

Producer: Julie Esparbes

Cast: Mathéo Kabati, Killyan Guechtoum-Robert, Marcel Degotte, Jef Cuppens

Nathan is thirteen years old boy. Driven by his new friend Malik, he prepares himself for a strange ritual to become a member of a teens gang.

Eger, 1552.jpg
Eger, 1552
Hungary / Adventure / 17 minutes

Director: Attila Szász

Writer: Attila Szász, Norbert Köbli

Producer: Dalma Hidasi

Cast: Gergely Kovács-Szégner, Borka Boros, Nóra Trokán, Levente Molnár

Two sixth-graders lose their way on a school trip and find themselves in the middle of the siege of Eger in 1552, on the exact day that the Turks unleash their final attack on the iconic Hungarian castle.

Not My Skin.jpg
Not My Skin
Hungary / Drama / 20 minutes

Director: Bálint Klopfstein-László

Writer: Bálint Klopfstein-László, Bálint Csaba, András Upor

Producer: András Upor, Bruno Smadja, Péter Magyar, Bálint Klopfstein-László

Cast: Csenge Földi, Péter Turi, Gergely Kocsis, Katalin Homonnai

After a traumatizing injury, Juli commits herself to a secluded life at home with only her dad fending for her. She’s also just about to graduate from high school. Having followed the classes through her webcam no one in her class has ever seen her. 

Days of Regret_edited.jpg
Days of Regret
Denmark / Drama / 30 minutes

Director: Poul Erik Madsen

Writer: Christoffer Sandau Schuricht

Producer: Anders Dylov

Cast: Anja Philip

Eske is both being bullyed and bullying others himself. The school provides a social educator for Eske. The social educator, Leo, has been in the military for many years, and is now working with children who have experienced losses. Leo spends time with Eske in the woods. Eske begins to open up, but when Leo is suddenly suspended from his job, their relationship is interrupted, this leads to major consequences for Eske.

Denmark / Drama / 21 minutes

Director/Writer: Nicolaj Kopernikus

Producer: Kim Magnusson

Cast: Jesper Christensen, Nicolaj Kopernikus, Lars Ranthe, Patricia Schumann

Jørn is trying to get his father’s attention and love. He loves music. This is where he finds joy and happiness, but his father fails to see his talent. As an old man Jørn discovers that the music can set him free from his past. 

The Last Sacrament.jpg
The Last Sacrament
Denmark / Drama / 23 minutes

Director: Jahfar Muataz

Writer: Frederik Rye, Jahfar Muataz

Producer: Asta Stuhr, Julie Carla Mortensen

Cast: Rasmus Hammerich, Henrik Prip, Marius Damslev, Ella Seraphina Biering From Jørgensen

A Catholic priest is faced with a fateful dilemma when a man confesses a disturbing secret.

Monkey Business_edited.jpg
Monkey Business
Netherlands / Drama / 14 minutes

Director: Everon Jackson Hooi

Writer: Lysette Rindertsma

Producer: Indra Baars, Kennard Bos, Vincent ter Voert

Cast: Indy-Rose Kroonen, Sam van der Sar, Micha Hulshof, Bas Keijzer

Nila (8yrs.) is waiting for her best friend Rein (8yrs.) to go to school. Inside the classroom it appears that Nila is the only black child. The class is busy preparing a musical about animals. When teacher Julian falls over Nila’s skateboard, she gets punished: only when she’ll be quiet the rest of the day, she’ll get her skateboard back. When teacher Julian asks who of the kids wants to play monkey in the musical, it’s Rein who says that Nila should play the monkey, because she’s simply the best. Teacher Julian interprets this as racism and punishes Rein: he has to leave the classroom. 

Netherlands / Drama / 23 minutes

Director/Writer: Arjen Schotel

Producer: Robin Bruinsma, Joost Rueck

Cast: Lucas Tavernier, Isnelle Da Silveira, Zouhair Mtazi

When a global pandemic breaks out and the government takes drastic action, humanity is put to the test. Millions of people die and those who remain are divided into 2 camps: the top of society and the bottom, the 'subhumans'. In the midst of this chaos, there are people who do not put their own interests first, but those of others. Lucius belongs to the elite, but risks his life for the fate of a subhuman.

The Camp.jpg
The Camp
Netherlands / Drama / 17 minutes

Director/Writer: Philip Huff

Producer: Monique Busman, Indy Kisoen

Cast: Ilke Paddenburg, Minne Koole, Jeroen Krabbé

For the men, the woodchoppers's camp is a men's camp, for Robin, the woodchoppers's camp is a woodchoppers’s camp. Robin is treated as an intruder, but barely responds to the group’s bullying. During the barbecue, with the men fully enjoying a sausage fest, Robin, an outspoken vegetarian, is clearly meant to feel unwelcome and unwanted.

The Pamphlet.jpg
The Pamphlet
Netherlands / Drama/ 17 minutes

Director: Justin Heyl

Writer: Justin Heyl, Elloreen Leupen

Producer: Justin Heyl, Elloreen Leupen, Mandy Vellekoop, Richard de Maaré

Cast: Alicia Lichter, Richard de Maaré, Rick van Werd

October 1944. Allied forces determine to destroy the sea-dikes of the Netherlands. Their first target is the coastal village of occupied Westkapelle. Pamphlets warning the citizens of the impending danger fall into the hands of two young lovers on a secret rendezvous in the dunes.

Sex Sells.jpg
Sex Sells
Netherlands / Thriller / 33 minutes

Director/Writer: Rudi Brekelmans

Producer: Rudi Brekelmans, Nienke van Boom, Kate Ubbink

Cast: Astrid van Eck, Wim Willaert, Duncan Meijering

An independent sex worker tries to keep her head above water during Covid times.

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