Solar Eclipse_edited.jpg
Solar Eclipse
France / Drama / 14 minutes 

Director/Writer: Alireza Ghasemi, Raha Amirfazli

Producer: White Star, Furyo film

Cast: Khorshid Cheraghipour, Payman Naimi

Saaghi and her two friends have come to the largest park in Teheran to take pictures of the one-in-a-century total eclipse announced later in the afternoon. Mischievous and rebellious, they steal a camera stand, lie to their parents and discuss boys as well as an upcoming party. Their wanderings lead them to a remote part of the park. As the sun disappears, Saaghi sees something that should have stayed hidden.

Space Woman2.jpg
Space Woman
Lebanon / Drama / 19 minutes 

Director/Writer: Hadi Moussally

Producer: Hadi Moussally, Olivier Pagny

Cast: Maha Abas, Sana Bakri

At 64, Maha has just taken her retirement from teaching. This new life puts her in the face of her loneliness as a divorced woman, whose children have left their home to live abroad for years now. The sole company of her faithful neighbors is no longer enough for Maha to fight the terrible feeling of emptiness and boredom in which she now finds herself.

The autumn of history_edited.jpg
The Autumn Of History
Spain / Drama / 22 minutes 

Director/Writer: Marcel Buisan

Producer: Marcel Buisan, Marc Pascual

Cast: Enric Majó, Àlex Casanovas

Barcelona, 1992. A historian has a conversation with a mysterious man who claims that, after the Spanish Civil War, witnessed one of the darkest episodes of Franco dictatorship. The meeting soon becomes an exchange of personal memories of that year 1940, the autumn of history.

The Dress.jpg
The Dress
Poland / Drama / 30 minutes 

Director/Writer: Tadeusz Łysiak

​Producer: Maciej Ślesicki, Warsaw Film School

Cast: Anna Dzieduszycka, Dorota Pomykała

Lust, sexuality and physicality. These are the deepest desires virgin Julia suppresses while working at a wayside motel. That is until she crosses paths with a handsome truck driver, who soon becomes the object of her fantasies.

The Head of the Cat_edited.jpg
The Head Of The Cat
Germany / Drama / 29 minutes 

Director/Writer: Harriet Maria Meining, Peter Meining

Producer: Christoph Kukula, Eike Goreczka

Cast: Rosa Henriette Löwe, Petra Schmidt-Schaller

A mother lives in seclusion with her 7-year-old daughter in a lonely house. The mother wants to train the child to become a specialist. Lessons and renunciation shape everyday life and the upbringing of the child. When the child receives a gift, everything changes.

The Inmortality Of Words
Spain / Drama / 25 minutes 

Director/Writer: Nei Loya

Producer: Nerium Films

Cast: Iván Hidalgo, Jordi Armengol

Alfonso, a young literature professor who is fascinated by poetry, particularly the works of Federico García Lorca, returns to Granada 20 years later to teach classes as a substitute professor at the university. His return rekindles his obsession from when he was a child: finding out where the poet’s remains are located. This obsession will lead him to an unexpected event, where he will come face to face with one of Lorca’s executioners.

The Island of the Dolls_edited.jpg
The Island Of The Dolls
Mexico / Drama / 19 minutes

Director/Writer/Producer: Julio César Padilla

This intensely emotional untold story explores the life of a teenager, Xóchitl. After discovering that her boyfriend is cheating, she makes a drastic decision that will take her to suffer traumatic experiences and to do things that she never imagined.

The Moon Child_edited.jpg
The Moon Child
Barbados / Drama / 11 minutes 

Director/Writer: Sanna Allsopp

Producer: Sanna Allsopp, Meredith Ostrom

Cast: Laila Moore, Yanique Hume

Ara, a young bedridden girl is trapped in her room. The nights are easier for her as the moon gives her comfort and revives her. She reads as much as she can and wants to learn about her Caribbean history and religion. One night a lunar visitor helps her transcend her physical bonds and find the answers she so desperately needs. This film explores the themes of religion, slavery and freedom of choice.

The Night I Left America_edited.jpg
The Night I Left America
Uganda / Drama / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Laki Karavias

Producer: Henry Tumwesigye, Katie Walter

Cast: Erick Kiyeega, Lydia Namagembe

While awaiting the results of his mothers visa renewal request, a teenage boy from Texas is forced to confront memories he so desperately wanted to leave behind in Uganda.

UK / Drama / 19 minutes 

Director/Writer: Ariq Anam Khan

Producer: Tariq Anam Khan, Ariq Anam Khan

Cast: Jahangir Alam

For a man on the verge of poverty in a third-world country, a migrant-worker visa can often be a lifeline. But Abdur Rouf must patiently wait for this change of fate, as a visa to Italy is not guaranteed for someone of his stature. Living in a chaotic, bustling, and unforgiving city can be claustrophobic and Rouf resorts to canvassing on buses just to support his family.

Transit (1).jpg
Switzerland / Drama / 16 minutes

Director/Writer: Stefania Burla

Producer: Zurich University of Arts

Cast: Lena Conrad, Lise Terpoorten

Laura is searching for her runaway sister Ava, who has been living on the streets for quite a while. She follows her tracks through the streets of the city, but Ava is nowhere to be found. Until someone gives her a significant hint.

You (1).jpg
You are mine2.jpg
You Are Mine
Germany / Drama / 20 minutes

Director/Writer: Adi Wojaczek

Producer: Christine Jezior

Cast: Lucas Herzog, Marlon Heidel

Viktor (12) and Siegfried (15) are friends in the Hitler Youth. While Viktor enjoys exploring nature like a normal child, Siegfried is empowered by Nazi ideology. Their friendship gets tested, when they suddenly find a young jewish girl, hiding in a barn.