The Art of Survival
USA / Drama / 19 mins

Director/Writer: Gregory Armstrong

Producer: Hector Serrano, Alison Hanson

Cast: Jessica Ruth Bell, Joe Coffey

A young woman married to an increasingly paranoid survivalist in rural Idaho must escape using the skills he taught her.

The Birthday Cut
USA / Drama /  15 mins

Director/Writer: Eva Midgley

Producer: Eva Midgley

Cast: Imogen Roux, Grayson Eddey

On his sixth birthday, a timid boy watches as his diametrically opposed grandmothers clash, his father bends to their will, and his fed-up mother lashes out with a long-held family secret.

The First Color
USA / Drama / 14 mins

Director: Ericka de Alexander

Writer: Hannah Kelley, Ericka de Alexander

Producer: Noémie Sornet, Trisha Golec

Cast: Lys Perez, Becka Adams

Devon's mother is a painter who has been diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). Now the Tout family must find a way to help her find hope.

The Grown-Up Mermaid
USA / Drama / 16 mins

Director: Jason Eksuzian

Writer: Jason Eksuzian, Kincaid Walker

Producer: Jason Eksuzian, Matt Stauter

Cast: Kincaid Walker, Matt Stauter


The Offer
USA / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Molly Schiot

Writer: Lucas Kavner, Cass Buggé

Producer: Justine Suzanne Jones, Cass Buggé

Cast: Cass Buggé, Lucas Kavner

A straight couple invites their lesbian friends over for dinner and makes them a surprising offer, causing the night to go off the rails. A sad, tipsy comedy about marriage, regrets, and a grand ol' flag.

The Shallow End
USA / Comedy / 10 mins

Director: Cynthia Silver

Writer: Wendy MacLeod

Producer: Julia Kennelly, Paul Marcarelli

Cast: Zoe Wilson, Zoe Manarel

A group of teenaged girls jockey for power in the savage summer society of a community swimming pool during the summer of 1984.

The Underwater Halloween Movie
USA / Drama / 13 mins

Director/Writer/Producer: Aerin Moreno

Cast: Riley Scott, Jessie Guthrie

At a Halloween party, high schoolers Willa and Lucy navigate the highs and lows of their friendship and Lucy’s drug addiction.

The Wild Ones
USA / Drama / 21 mins

Director: John Geronilla

Cast: Stephanie Hoston, Bobby Garcia

"¿Qué le pasó a Nicole?" Camila and Rico ride their bikes around the San Fernando Valley in search of their missing friend struggling to realize the answers they're looking for might forever tear them apart.

There Are Two Theories
USA / Drama / 5 mins

Director/Writer/Producer: Ashton Sterling Bingham

Cast: Kelli Snider, Shannon Jackson

A young angel sees mankind for the first time.

To The Flame
USA / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer/Producer: Geri Ulrey

Cast: Deanna Noe

Zoe has fallen for Paul but something as small and luminous as an insect reveals deeper problems in their love affair.

USA / Drama / 14 mins

Director: Máté Boegi

Writer: Máté Boegi, Árpád Hermán

Producer: Melanie Grams, Kristof Boegi

Cast: Robert BrettenaughAlexandria ChurchwellElohim Nycalove 

A father's half-baked plan to reunite his family.