One Last Thing
USA / Suspense / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Richie Starzec

Producer: Matthew Marder

Cast: Jack Noonan, Stephanie Hoston

A broken man haunted by the tragic loss of his wife. A young girl trapped beneath her destructive addiction. Before the night is over, these two lives will intersect and change forever

Out of Place
USA /  Drama / 20 mins

Director/Writer: Peier "Tracy" Shen

Producer: Mengying "Irene" Yang

Cast: Sarah Lynn Furman, Victor Boneva

“Out of Place” is a dual narrative film that explores both the disconnection and the connection between two immigrant lives in the United States. A young aspiring Chinese pianist and a Mexican house painter, unaware of them being neighbors, go through a day of disillusionment in symphony. Their stories, in its core, are to examine a universal longing to belong and the unfortunate reality of feeling still, out of place.

USA / Drama / 13 mins

Director: Andre Muir, Danielle Alston

Writer: Jake Hutton, Andre Muir

Producer: Zachary Moore, Manny Caston

Cast: Mariah Gordon, Ginneh Thomas

Patois is a film that speaks on the importance of identity and self-worth through the coming of age story of a young first generation American girl Khenya, as she navigates being raised in a household with rules and tendencies that reflect the traditions of her parent’s home country, while also trying to find herself and fit in at a typical American school.

Private View
USA / Drama / 10 mins

Director: Theo Lindquist

Writer: Liyun Yu, Theo Lindquist

Producer: Zane Kalnina, Doug Barden

Cast: Ana Coto, Shane Coffey

Captured in an unbroken take and one single zoom. A group of friends attending a private party unwittingly become part of a voyeuristic artwork.

USA / Drama / 11 mins

Director/Writer: Drake Shannon

Producer: Joanna Koss

Cast: Anja Akstin

During a military patrol, past and present are blurred by a horrifying transgression.

USA / Drama / 11 mins

Director/Writer: Aaron Rovner

Producer: Jason Michael Berman,

Edward Benda

Cast: David Rysdahl, Ken Narasaki

Michael repossesses cars on the streets of Los Angeles. He's young and he thinks he has nothing to lose, but will this latest repo be just another paycheck, or will the high-risk nature of his job and his lifestyle finally catch up with him?

Ride in Progress
USA / Drama / 13 mins

Director: April Moreau

Writer/Producer: Emily Hanley, April Moreau

Cast: Mandie Cheung, Emily Hanley

When Sarah gets blindsided by a breakup, she finds herself utterly alone, having spent four years neglecting every relationship other than the one with her loser boyfriend. She reaches out to the only person she can think of, her messy-but-loveable friend Megan, and together they embark upon the post-breakup Uber trip of a lifetime.

Riff Raff
USA / Drama / 4 mins

Director/Writer: Pip White

Producer: Thomas Hartmann

Cast: Larry Hankin, Sarah Sawyer

A night in the life of two ushers of a historic cinema as they struggle to deal with an unruly guest.

Silver Age
USA / Drama /  22 mins

Director: Steve Makowski, Harrison Lees

Writer: Harrison Lees

Producer: Leah Richmond Cooper

Cast: Harrison Lees, Mark Bramhall

A young underachiever struggles to navigate his grandfather Gus's senile paranoia, attempting to establish a more personal connection before his mind deteriorates completely, all while unraveling the mystery of Gus's past with the help of a sinister stranger.

Snake Dick
USA / Sci-Fi / 8 mins

Director/Writer: David Mahmoudieh

Producer: Josh Bachove, George Lako

Cast: Poppy Drayton, Sierra Pond

Jill's got the snake. Julia's got the flute. Alone, they have nothing. But together, they have a secret weapon to fight the darkness...

Take My Heart
USA / Drama / 18 mins

Director/Writer: Anna Simone Scott

Producer: Peter Sands

Cast: Joy Sunday, Kim Estes

Mackenzie seeks redemption from her troubled past through songwriting and a twelve step program. Meanwhile, her estranged father, Ray, an LAPD detective about to retire, tracks her down. Mac now faces the decision of allowing her father back into her life. When Ray steps in in to protect Mac from a stalker ex boyfriend, she slowly opens up to the possibility of forgiveness. It's upon returning to their old home that the healing truly begins.

Miranda's Marionettes
USA / Musical Drama / 21 mins

Director/Writer: Hortense Lingjaerde

Producer: Alex Rivers

Cast: Lilli Passero, Linda Kerns

Miranda struggles to find her place as a puppeteer until she meets a unique mentor who will push her to strive in her creative world.