France / Suspense / 25 minutes 

Director/Writer: Baptiste Chabot

Producer: Theo Bayssette

Cast: Marley Duboscq, Marc Depond

Denis has spent his life traveling by Vespa with his friends and the love of his life. When his wife dies, a bond breaks with his grandson Raphaël. Denis is now suffering from an incurable disease, he will reconnect with Raphaël around a final repair for a final trip.

Essence (1).jpg
Forgive Me, Father_edited.jpg
Forgive Me, Father
Germany /  Drama / 22 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Jona Schlosser

Cast: Jannis Hain, Valentin Rosenberger

The year 1966. Germany is divided. Not far from East Berlin, 10-year-old Thomas grows up with his grandmother. It soon becomes clear that there is nothing normal about his family. As a small boy, he has to witness his mother being committed to a psychiatric institution for unknown reasons.

From The Past_edited.jpg
From The Past
Germany / Drama / 11 minutes 

Director: Timo Zacharias

Writer: Claudio Murmann, Timo Zacharias

Producer: Alexander Görnert, Leslie Wiedmann

Cast: David Mullikas, Gunnar Frietsch

Ten years after the end of the Second World War the former soldier Helmut is looking for his ex-comrade Franz in a shooting range to take revenge for his betrayal.

GIRL MEETS BOY_edited.jpg
Girl Meets Boy
Germany / Drama / 30 minutes 

Director/Writer: Ferdinand Arthuber

Producer: Leon Hellmann, Max Traub

Cast: Franziska Weisz, Carlo Ljubek

Gwen meets Ben. Gwen has sworn of relationships for the moment. Ben is on board with the idea and so they make a pact: They agree on one seemingly easy rule… But what remains after the masks come off – how much truth do we need for closeness?

Going Down Alone_edited.jpg
Going Down Alone
Italy / Drama / 6 minutes

Director: Michele Bizzi, Claudia Di Lascia

Writer: Claudia Di Lascia

Producer: Claudia Di Lascia, Kinedimorae srl

Cast: Erica Del Bianco, Elisabetta Torlasco

A woman enters an elevator, the story is entirely narrated with a POV shot: we live the scenes through the woman’s eyes, we follow her gaze, we can see her hands and her body, we only observe her face when she turns towards the mirror.

Good Morning, Ignacio_edited.jpg
Good Morning, Ignacio
Mexico / Drama / 15 minutes

Director: Alan Jonsson Gavica, Leticia Fabián

Writer: Leticia Fabián

Producer: Alan Jonsson Gavica

Cast: Ignacio López Tarso, Gustavo Egelhaaf

One morning, Ignacio discovers his beloved bonsai tree fighting between life and death. The struggle for the survival of both Ignacio and his bonsai gives an unexpected turn to their lives.

In Limbo.jpg
In Limbo
Austria / Drama / 21 minutes

Director: April Moreau

Writer/Producer: Emily Hanley, April Moreau

Cast: Mandie Cheung, Emily Hanley

When Sarah gets blindsided by a breakup, she finds herself utterly alone, having spent four years neglecting every relationship other than the one with her loser boyfriend. She reaches out to the only person she can think of, her messy-but-loveable friend Megan, and together they embark upon the post-breakup Uber trip of a lifetime.

Norway / Drama / 19 minutes 

Director/Writer: Christina Lande

Producer: Mona Steffensen

Cast: Guri Johnson, Markus

The teacher Iben lives alone with her dog Ivo in a small coastal community in Lofoten. She’s always felt like an outsider in the village, and life doesn’t get any easier when one of her students claims he’s been bitten by her dog.

Last Lullaby in Tehran.jpg
Last Lullaby In Tehran
Iran / Drama /  30 minutes 

Director/Writer: Mohammad Vahdani

Producer: Mahsa Ghanbarpoor, Mohammad Vahdani

Cast: Setareh Pesyani, Alireza Sanifar

Tehran, 1967 - A young man goes to a photography studio to pick his ID photos, but the ones he is given do not look like him. The time passed at the studio solving the problem leads to the initiation of a romantic relationship with the receptionist. Meantime, in another part of the studio, the famous Iranian poet and director, Forough Farrokhzad, is recorded reciting her last poem, few hours before her tragic death in a car accident.

little girl_edited.jpg
Little Girl
Haiti / Drama / 14 minutes 

Director/Writer: A. Plancher

Producer: Edson Jean, Richardson Chery

Cast: Sarina Theles, Elysabeth Massenat

A young Haitian girl struggles to buy soccer cleats to play on a field held hostage by cunning bullies in Little Haiti - Miami.

Lorenza's bike_edited.jpg
Lorenza's Bike
Argentina / Drama / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Patricio Mosse

Producer: Daniel Beltrán

Cast: Sibel Angeline Limbird, Tim Sermon

Lorenza lives in an apartment with her mother Cecilia, who seems depressed. Lorenza thinks this has to do with the pills she found next to her bed and the absence of her father, dead in an aviation tragedy. She spends her summer with his neighbour Simon, trying to understand if her father will ever come back and to get closer to her mother again.

Croatia / Drama / 17 minutes

Director: Marko Šantić

Writer: Goran Vojnović

Producer: Jure Bušić

Cast: Lilli Passero, Linda Kerns

Marko and Ankica never gotten over the death of their only child Ante in the war. When their neighbour Stipe suggests renting son’s room to tourists, Marko sees that as an insult but Ankica manages to talk him into it. Renting rooms is easy money, especially for retired people, but having an unknown man sleeping in son's bed troubles Marko a lot.

Marko (1).jpg