USA / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Kathryn Prescott

Producer: Trevor Worley, Valentina Clerici

Cast: Gayle Rankin, Andi Osho

A young woman suffering from heroin addiction and living in one of downtown Los Angeles' many residential Single Room Occupancy hotels, receives an invite to her estranged 4-year-old daughter's birthday party later that day.

USA / Drama / 2 mins

Director/Writer: Natalie Schwan

Producer: Natalie Schwan, Marissa Massa

Cast: Helen McMillan, Richard Crawford

An aspiring author takes a challenging meeting with a book publisher.

USA /  Drama / 20 mins

Director/Writer: Jun Sekiya

Producer: Sophia Huebschman, Jordan Rowe

Cast: Matthew Needham, Francesca Andreson

A medieval knight searches for the Holy Grail in New York City, believing it will return him home to his time period. Convinced that the Grail is a woman he’s infatuated with, the knight must try and win her love, or stay stranded in an age not his own.

La Ruta
USA / Drama / 20 mins

Director: Star Victoria

Writer: Roberto Saieh, Denisse Pfeiffer

Producer: Abigail Overstreet, Samuel Skeen

Cast: Laura Vallejo, Miguel Izaguirre

How far would you go for a better life?

Lake of Happiness
Belarus / Drama / 29 mins

Director: Aliaksei Paluyan

Producer: Aliaksei Paluyan,

Eduardo M Escribano Solera

Cast: Anastasiya Plyats

In a small Belarusian village where time seems to stand still, Jasja, a 9-year-old girl, has to deal with her mother‘s death. Her father decides to send her to an orphanage. But one day she decides to run away, home.

Lancaster Park
USA / Drama / 18 mins

Director: Lynda Reiss
Writer: John Craine
Producer: Lynda Reiss, Ashley Hillis
Cast: Sara Arrington, Dana Koops

A single mother assumes the worst of her daughter. After destroying what she believes to be incriminating evidence she becomes lost in the desert where she learns that not everyone is as they seem.

Last Dream Before Sunrise
USA / Drama / 11 mins

Director/Writer: Tom Albanese

Producer: Tom Albanese, Avery Daman

Cast: Marian Frizelle, Lucas Royalty

A grieving woman travels to an isolated cabin with a strange power. Filmed entirely using only natural light, this meditative film explores themes of loss and grief through a fantastical lens.

USA / Drama / 16 mins

Director/Writer: Jazlyn Yoder

Producer: Jazlyn Yoder, Christopher Piñero

Cast: Jazlyn Yoder, Jazlyn Yoder

In what should be some of the best moments of her life, a new mom is faced with the nightmare that is postpartum depression.

Leave Us Here
USA / Drama / 6 mins

Director/Writer: Tari Wariebi

Producer: Veronica Bouza, Guo Guo

Cast: Lauren E. Banks, Starletta Dupois

Janine and Lula are having a routine granddaughter and grandmother day out when a stop at a local gas station does not go as planned.

Line Dry
USA / Drama / 8 mins

Director/Writer: Anna Baumgarten

Producer: Anna Baumgarten

Cast: Ariela Barer, Katie C'etta

A run-in between two neighbors in an apartment building laundry room takes an unexpected turn.

Little May
USA / Drama / 30 mins

Director: Danielle Bisutti

Writer: Danielle Bisutti, Jonathan Bangle

Producer: Danielle Bisutti, Jonathan Bangle

After losing custody of his daughter in a tumultuous divorce a self-destructive artist finds inspiration by mentoring his new neighbor a 6-year-old latch-key kid named Little May whom he discovers is a gifted painter. But when he becomes romantically involved with May's married mother, he's forced to finally wake up and change the direction of his life so he can become the man he was meant to be.

USA / Drama / 20 mins

Director/Writer: Christopher Rogers

Producer: Elena Aksenova, Christopher Rogers

Cast: Meagen Fay, Thomas Francis Murphy

Loneliness explores a moment in the life of an older middle-aged woman who, on her way home from the grocery store, stumbles on a sign that reads: Woman Wanted. The sign, it turns out, is an advertisement for a wife and the woman is uncommonly struck by it. After much deliberation, she returns back to the sign to get the phone number that is posted, and the rest of the story revolves around her encounter with the man she meets as a result of the phone call.

Mail Companion
USA / Drama / 3 mins

Director/Writer: Beth Riesgraf

Cast: Jon Fletcher, Beth Riesgraf

MAIL COMPANION follows a lonely woman as she finds companionship during self-isolation after the loss of her partner.

Black Pumas Colors
USA / Music Video / 4 mins

Director: Kristian Mercado

Producer: Andrew Nisinson

Band: Black Pumas

Explores the bonds of a young family living in the Bronx. They are displaced after unforeseen circumstances takes the family to unexpected places. Despite the challenges facing them, they find joy, hope, and each other. The landscape of the Bronx is celebrated as a beautiful place. Eric Burton’s evocative movements and dance explore the emotions and the shifts we experience in life.