USA / Documentary / 31 minutes

Director: Giancarlo Dittamo

Writer: Benjamin Houser, Brian Decker

Producer: BrIan Decker, Matt Braine

'Superfan’ tells the life story of a Haitian immigrant with a deep connection to his first love. Vladimir Abouzeide came to Manhattan as a young boy with his mother and siblings, and found his passion for living in professional wrestling. He was a mainstay for decades at Madison
Square Garden, often caught by cameras, standing out as the most well-known fanatic in the history of WWE.

The Burning Bed.JPG
The Burning Bed
USA / Documentary / 19 minutes

Director: Scott Michels

Producer: Scott Michels, Sandra McDaniel

Half of all women murdered in the United States are killed by a boyfriend, husband or ex. Despite progress in addressing domestic violence, the home remains the most dangerous place for women in America -- a fact underscored by the escalating rates of domestic violence during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Dreamer From Zorzor
Poland /  Documentary / 15 minutes 

Director/Writer: Rafał Skalski

Producer: Mark Riedemann, Jonas Soto

The 19-year-old Ballah helps his father in the tailor's workshop, but in fact he dreams of becoming a world-famous footballer in Europe. This goal is extremely difficult to achieve in Zorzor, a small town in Liberia, not so long ago affected by the Ebola epidemic. Ballah is trying to convince a local catechist, who is sceptical about football dreams, to his idea.

The Queen of Basketball_edited.jpg
The Queen of Basketball
USA / Documentary / 22 minutes

Director: Ben Proudfoot

Producer: Abby Lynn Kang Davis, Ben Proudfoot

Cast: Lusia Harris-Stewart

She is one of the greatest living women’s basketball player. 3 national trophies. Scored the first basket in women's Olympic basketball at the ‘76 Olympics. Drafted to the NBA. But have you ever heard of Lucy Harris?

The Re-education of Ji Zhihao.jpg
The Re-education of Ji Zhihao
UK / Documentary / 26 minutes

Director/Producer: Tian Macleod Ji

Filmmaker Tian Macleod Ji uncovers the story of his great uncle Ji Zhihao, who was “re-educated” in the countryside during the Cultural Revolution. Together they return to the village of his youth for a nostalgic reunion with old friends. What begins as a trip down memory lane becomes an emotional and physical voyage across snow and ice, as Ji Zhihao comes to terms with his past.

The Unchosen One.JPG
The Unchosen One
USA / Documentary / 15 minutes

Director: Ben Proudfoot

Producer: Ben Proudfoot, Abby Lynn Kang Davis

For child actor Devon Michael, the coveted role of Anakin Skywalker in George Lucas’ hotly anticipated THE PHANTOM MENACE was the part of a lifetime. Chosen as one of George’s final three for the role, Devon recollects the moment that would change his life, and Star Wars history, forever.

Tremors Making Perfection.JPG
Tremors: Making Perfection
UK / Documentary/ 30 minutes

Director: Matthew Snead

Producer: Juan Leon

TREMORS: MAKING PERFECTION explores the enduring cult appeal of Tremors.  We revisit the breath-taking locations for Tremors at the foot of Mount Whitney, California and lift the lid on the torturous production process, its dismal success at the box office and how through changing technology, and with a killer script at its core, it miraculously found its devoted and obsessive audience.

You And The Thing That You Love_edited.j
You And The Thing That You Love
USA / Documentary / 12 minutes

Director: Nicholas Maher

Producer: Nicholas Maher, Cliff Ewert

Cast: Nick Mullins

A teenage Midwest skate punk on the verge of going pro has a freak accident and wakes up blind. This is a story of pain, grit, fight, uncertainty, fear, desperation, and most importantly — love. Shot by 2 strangers on weekends across 3 states over 2 years. Here is the struggle of losing your everything, and the fight to get it back.