Hunger Ward
Yemen / Documentary / 40 minutes

Director: Skye Fitzgerald

Producer: Mike Scheuerman, Skye Fitzgerald

An unflinching portrait of Dr. Aida Alsadeeq and Nurse Mekkia Mahdi as they work to save the lives of hunger-stricken children within a population on the brink of famine. With unprecedented access within a sensitive conflict-zone, HUNGER WARD reveals a world of bravery and commitment-to-care for war-stricken children amidst desperate need.

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Joe Buffalo.jpg
Joe Buffalo
Canada / Documentary / 16 minutes

Director: Amar Chebib 

Writer: Joe Buffalo, Amar Chebib

Producer: Hayley Morin, Mack Stannard

Cast: Joe Buffalo

Joe Buffalo is an Indigenous skateboard legend. He’s also a survivor of Canada’s notorious Indian Residential School system. Following a traumatic childhood and decades of addiction, Joe must face his inner demons to realize his dream of turning pro.

Las Vegas Bender.jpg
Las Vegas Bender
USA /  Documentary / 22 minutes

Director: Danny Corey

Producer: Danny Corey

Las Vegas Bender follows Las Vegas native and neon artist Leticia 'Tiza' Maldonado on her journey from a young girl enamored by the glitzy neon lights of Las Vegas Blvd to her inspired work as a neon bender. Through Tiza and her mother, a burlesque dancer, Las Vegas Bender aims to better understand this misunderstood city. It's a study of art, family, the meaning of home, and the intersection at which they all collide.  

Brazil / Documentary / 6 minutes

Director/Writer: Alec Cutter

Producer: Igal Albala

Cast: Luis Fernando Fernandes

‘Nando’ is a 10-year-old boy who lives in the Mangueira favela/slum of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - which sits just across the street from the most famous soccer stadium in all of Brazil: The Maracana. The stark contrast between the realities of Mangueira and the luxury of the Maracana shows the harsh disconnect between these two worlds. So close yet so far away, Nando dreams of seeing his first ever match inside the Maracana.

The Silent Pulse Of The Universe
USA / Documentary / 16 minutes 

Director: Ben Proudfoot

Producer: Abby Lynn Kang Davis, Ben Proudfoot

Cast: Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Jocelyn Bell was a graduate student at Cambridge in 1967 when she pushed through the skepticism from her superiors to make one of the greatest astrophysical discoveries of the twentieth century. While Jocelyn was belittled and sexually harassed by the media, the Nobel Prize was awarded to her professor and his boss.

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No Pain
USA / Documentary / 28 minutes 

Director: John Picklap

Producer: David Terry Fine

A grave accident alters the trajectory of an up-and-coming Strongman athlete's career. As he struggles to find a new path forward, he is haunted by debilitating health problems and a dark past.

Out of the Dark Raven.jpg
Out Of The Dark: Raven
USA / Documentary / 9 minutes 

Director: Sarah Klein, Tom Mason

Producer: Heather Martino

Olympic shot putter Raven Saunders shares her childhood trauma, the intensity of her 2016 Olympic experience, and the pitfalls of celebrity that challenged her mental health. After facing the greatest challenge of her life, she found the strength she never knew she had and became a leading advocate for mental health dialogue among athletes.

Rat Tail.jpg
Rat Tail
USA / Documentary / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Chad Sogas

Rat Tail explores director Chad Sogas’ battle with depression in this short autobiographical documentary. What begins as a comedic story about the rat tail he had for nearly ten years (that his parents still keep in the storage room of their basement) transcends into a journey of unexpected self-discovery and healing.

USA / Documentary / 12 minutes 

Director: Kaitlyn Schwalje, Alexander Lewis

Producer: Rebecca Stern, Justin Levy

Every November, co-Directors Alex Wolf Lewis and Kaitlyn Schwalje eat Thanksgiving dinner at Alex's Aunt and Uncle’s house just outside of Philadelphia. And every November, they marvel at the fact that the family’s 4-inch-long pet turtle, Snowy, is still alive. Snowy has lived an isolated life in the family basement for the past 10+ years with minimal sunlight and no companionship other than that of his primary caretaker, Uncle Larry. In an effort to improve Snowy's life we ask: Is Snowy happy? And is Snowy even capable of experiencing happiness?

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