A Burning Voice.jpg
A Burning Voice
Finland / Documentary / 30 minutes 

Director: Pirjo Ojala

Writer: Kristiina Karsten, Pirjo Ojala

Producer: Anu Sorsa, Leo Naukkarinen

Cast: Deus Twesigye

How to rebuild a life after becoming a victim of an acid attack?
The survival story of Deus from Uganda.  Deus Twesigye from Uganda was leaving for work one morning in 2010 when his ex-girlfriend threw acid on him. At that moment his life changed completely.

A Concerto is a Conversation.jpg
A Concerto is a Conversation
USA / Documentary / 13 minutes

Director: Ben Proudfoot, Kris Bowers

Producer: Jeremy Lambert, Kris Bowers

Cast: Kris Bowers, Horace Bowers Sr.

A virtuoso jazz pianist and film composer tracks his family's lineage through his 91-year-old grandfather from Jim Crow Florida to the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Brave Children.jpg
Brave Children
Colombia / Documentary / 11 minutes

Director/Writer: Jeff Monroy

Producer: Jeff Monroy, María Paula Martínez

Cast: Flora Martínez, Anthony Vasquez

Brave children from Colombia face to their fears in a context of violence, migration and poverty by inspiring us with their brave stories.

USA / Documentary / 21 minutes

Director: Jonathan Barenboim

Writer: Jonathan Barenboim, Yimin Gu

Producer: Melissa Panzer

Cast: Darrell Hardy, EJ Dodson

CYCLES follows two young black men, Rell and EJ, who are motorcycle stunt riders from Compton and Watts, California. At its core it’s an intimate story about two unlikely friends and the prevalent cycle that incarceration plays within their lives.

Golden Age Karate.jpg
Golden Age Karate
USA / Documentary / 5 minutes 

Director: Sindha Agha

Producer: Malcolm Pullinger, Rachel Serada Barth

Cast: Jeff Wall, Valerie Wall

Inducted into the USA Martial Arts Hall of Fame at 10 years old, Jeff Wall is a teenage karate pro. But that’s not even his greatest achievement.

USA / Documentary / 22 minutes

Director: Peter McKinny

Producer: BrIan Decker

Cast: Heaven Fitch

The story of a highly accomplished North Carolina high school athlete named Heaven Fitch. She grew up in a household with three older brothers, who all played sports. Heaven wanted to compete too. She played baseball, soccer, and eventually wrestling. Throughout her journey, Heaven overcame the doubts & defied the odds by joining a boys wrestling team.

Heaven (1).jpg
Heaven on Earth.jpg
Heaven On Earth
USA / Documentary / 21 minutes

Director: Robert Hope

Producer: Robert Hope, Candice Nachman

A personal documentary about a naive aspiring actor who rents a shed on a fading ex-commune in Los Angeles and becomes friends with its aging matriarch, a former hippie, who is slowly becoming radicalized by far-right conspiracy propaganda in 2016.