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Wednesday, July 24, 9:55 pm

Program 39

@ Laemmle NOHO

A chance encounter dangerously intertwines the lives of three people with differing perspectives on love.

We Die Alone

Director/Writer: Marc Cartwright

Writer: Cassie Keet

Producer: Marc Cartwright, Baker Chase Powell

Cast: Ashley Jones, Samantha Boscarino, Baker Chase Powell

United States / Drama / 24 mins

As a man impatiently waits in line for a public restroom, he gets the answer to the age-old question, "What the hell are you doing in there??"

Squatters Rights

Director/Writer: Doug Van Bebber

Producer: Doug Van Bebber, Kathleen Randazzo

Cast: DLincoln Hoppe, Ric Maddox, Kathleen Randazzo

United States / Comedy / 7 mins

A stark telling of a young man getting mixed up in a dark secret

Three Can Keep A Secret

Director: Eli Berg

Writer: Andy Jones

Producer: Eli Berg, Marie Lively

Cast: Elijah Ungvary, Christine Donlon, Zachary Fairless

United States / Drama / 11 mins

When a quiet and socially awkward young man starts a storybook romance with a popular but insecure and fickle college girl, his fury at her unintentional slight sets off a cascade of disastrous reactions.


Director/Writer: Harry Owens

Producer: Rebecca Wilkinson

Cast: Jeff Bohman

United States / Drama / 19 mins

A young woman grapples with her conflicting feelings over the end of a recent relationship, and her part in fracturing their intimacy..

Long Time No See

Director: Whitney Gould

Writer: Preston Maestri-Petnunas

Producer: Whitney Gould

Cast: Veronica Sol, Chris Tilley

United States / Drama / 7 mins

Abby & Chris are pushed together romantically by their friends, but neither have dated within their race before. They confront their vulnerabilities and explore their relationship experiences.


Director/Writer: Marissa High

Producer: Marissa High, Lauren Gaudite

Cast: Kelli Jordan, Dennis Pearson, Sarah Marcum

United States / Drama / 9 mins

An affluent couple is accosted by teenage girls at their vacation home in Palm Springs.

Drop Dead

Director/Writer: Drew Bashen

Cast: Charlotte Beckett, Benjamin Ciaramello, Alycia Rubio

United States / Comedy / 12 mins

Angela's mind explodes with horror when she is trapped in the bathroom..


Director/Writer: Nadira Murray

Producer: Matt Williams, Nadira Murray

Cast: Natash Hogg

United States / Experimental / 8 mins