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Wednesday, July 24, 7:45 pm

Program 38

@ Laemmle NOHO

An intimate and harrowing portrait of two migrant sisters as they cross the US - Mexico border through the burning Sonoran Desert in search of the American Dream. 


Sisters Lupe and Gabriela Reyes leave their past behind in hopes of a safe and prosperous future in the United States. They travel through the Sonoran desert with a group of other immigrants led by two coyotes (guides) who will drive them into Arizona.

On The Other Side

Director/Writer: Estefania Rebellon, Kyle Schmidt

Producer: Angel Cassani, Ariel Nuñez

Cast: Estefania Rebellon, Mayra Nuñez, Eduardo M. Pulido

United States / Drama / 22 mins

Set in a single hotel room, this film traces its history from conception to decay through an intimate look at five of its occupants, all of whom the room once knew but have since been lost in time.

Room 048

Director/Writer: Amanda Liaw

Producer: Amanda Liaw, Sean Soper

Cast: Diana Gonzalez-Morett, Quincy Carrier, Diane Davisson

United States / Drama / 9 mins

Hanan, a successful Syrian-American doctor, returns to Syria to help victims of war. When the hospital where she works is bombed, she suffers a traumatic brain injury that leaves her face blind. Unable to recognize the faces of even those closest to her, Hanan’s world has been turned upside down and her identity lost.


Director: Anthony Grippa

Writer: Brennan Elizabeth Peters, Morris Long

Producer: Bayard Outerbridge

Cast: Laetitia Eido, Walles Hamonde

United States / Drama / 20 mins

An illegal Immigrant takes a job as a caregiver of a malevolent ghost at a Haunted House.

Once Upon a Time in a Haunted House

Director/Writer: Ramone Menon

Producer: Ramone Menon, Patrick Rutnam

Cast: Daniella Mendoza, Marvin J. Edmonds

United States / Drama / 20 mins

Unregistered is set in Los Angeles in the not too distant future, where the government limits one child per home as a solution to overpopulation. When the mysterious ATA and her boyfriend REKKER witness a second (unregistered) child get arrested in broad daylight, it ignites a fire burning within REKKER and forces ATA to question the state of society - as well as confront a secret of her own.


Director: Sophia Banks

Writer: Erin Dignam

Producer: Peter Winther, Kim Winther

Cast: Trevor Jackson, Dylan Penn

United States / Drama / 15 mins

A seemingly perfect woman has what appears to be a happy 30th birthday party with the ones she loves. But under her perfect façade lies a hidden life full of secrets, tragedy, and unfinished business. When tragedy strikes, it is those closest to her that are caught the most off guard, begging the question, can you ever truly know someone?

The Strangers We Know

Director/Writer: Alana Grace

Producer: Alana Grace, Sharyl Cohen-Essig 

Cast: Alana Grace, John Fairbairn, Staci Pratt

United States / Drama / 13 mins