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Wednesday, July 24, 3:15 pm

Program 36

@ Laemmle NOHO

Music video and original song about friendship, love and heartbreak

Out Of My Mind

Director/Writer: Evangeline Lindes

Cast: Evangeline Lindes

United States / Music Video / 3 mins

Former high school sweethearts run into each other in a fateful moment and spend a day trying to retrieve the passion of their misspent youth.


You're the One is a dark romantic short film, produced in its entirety by a group of high school seniors in the Film program at Viewpoint School in Calabasas, California.

You're the One

Director: Lily Landau

Writer: Jansen Baier

Producer: Matt Kern, Nathaly Martinez

Cast: Chas Laughlin, Kate Peabody  

United States / Drama / 14 mins

James, a young man with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, begins to date Mia, a spunky young woman. When their relationship is threatened, James must learn a valuable lesson in self-acceptance with his obsessive tendencies.

The Rule of Fours

Director/Writer: Max Rogoff

Writer: WIlliam Stoughton

Producer: Megan Sun, Silvia Miranda

Cast: Garrett Edell, Afton Boggiano

United States / Drama / 10 mins

Discoveries: Awakening is a film that encapsulates beauty, motion, and life that constantly surrounds one's life but it is that you must become expose/awakened to this reality in order to live a more fulfilling life!

Discoveries: Awakening

Director: Noah Semeria

United States / Drama / 3 mins

Filled with enough angst and stress to turn his hair grey, teenaged Holden and his family each try to cope in their own ways after their abusive father moves out.

Grey Heart

Director/Writer: Theo Taplitz

Producer: Isabella Barbieri 

Cast: RJ Solomon, Jamie Burris, Olivia Eggleston

United States / Drama / 11 mins

Elle feels unfulfilled by her colorless world, as she struggles to find the identity of a mysterious girl that reappears in each of her vibrant dreams.


Director/Writer: Keely Martin

Cast: Dara Yu, Amelia Conway

United States / Drama / 10 mins

With increasing violence in his neighborhood, a young man, Reece, fights for his community regardless of the consequences.


Director/Writer: Dusan Brown

Cast: Bentley Green, Dante Brown, Myles Brown, Dusan Brown

United States / Drama / 10 mins

A business man under pressure working at home, finds himself facing a series of strange occurrences while waiting for his wife to come home.


Director/Writer: Jackson Little

Producer: Alireza Yahyaei

United States / Drama / 5 mins

An overconfident teen seeks to pass her driving test despite unexpected obstacles.

Driver's Ed

Director: Dana Koops

Producer: Samuel Parker, Dana Koops

Cast: Dana Koops, Samuel Parker, Robert Henley Starr

United States / Drama / 13 mins

THE DOVES, is an art film that expresses the affects of drug abuse, which is a growing epidemic. It is based on a poem Chloe wrote in response to witnessing some of her closest friends struggle with dependency. The film follows a teenage girl, Zelda, who experiences the vivid hallucinations of the “answer”, but is met with the harsh reality of the addiction.

The Doves

Director/Writer: Chloe Campos

Cast: Deia Pizzey, Olivia Campos

United States / Drama / 6 mins

Valery, a teen grieving from the loss of her little brother at such a young age, has been haunted by a Mysterious Being who roams the woods searching for its next victim. Valery soon finds out that her brother is connected to this Being, and needs to know why with the help of her friend Mia.

Le Loyon

Director/Writer: Daniel Valentine

Producer: Tracy Mockwitz

Cast: Savannah Henley Rayve, Natalie Ball, Tanner Adams

United States / Drama / 15 mins

Set in the near future, two aspiring astrophysicist control the fate of their human-like drone MARGOT while exploring the exoplanet Astor.


Director/Writer: Logan Polish

Producer: Janet Dubois, Mark Polish, Rosemberg Salgado

Cast: Logan Polish, Jack Kilmer, Colin Ford, Jackson Pace

United States / Drama / 12 mins