Wednesday, July 24, 1:00 pm

Program 35

@ Laemmle NOHO

Sky Fighter
United States / Drama / 16 mins

Director/Writer: Lukas Kendall

Producer: Daniel Marks, Levi Smock, Christine Sheaks

Cast: Tom Maden, Jess Gabor, Erik Palladino

Two pilots fight a war in the distant future in their fighter-bomber spacecraft. But is their enemy the alien opponent...or each other?

United States / Drama / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Jewel McPherson

Producer: Arthur Cohen

Cast: Shamier Anderson, Marley Garner

A young African-American father fights to save the life of his young zombie daughter but before long his valiant attempt to bring her back becomes a torturous journey that makes him question his own very existence... in the hell that is Flint, Michigan.

United States / Drama / 16 mins

Director/Writer: Lin Sun

Writer: Jiao Xu

Producer: Lin Sun

Cast: Jiao Xu, John Richardson, Arthur Roberts

In 2035, Artificial intelligence has become highly sophisticated. With world war on the verge, a hawkish general plots to send a man-made AI robot into the fourth dimension to observe the future and win the war. When the robot’s creator, who is opposed to the mission, mysteriously dies the robot's “humanity" is tested.

Mexico / Drama / 6 mins

Director: Edgar Romero Perez

Producer: Edgar Romero Perez

An intelligent and softhearted robot seeks life after the last war of humanity, inside an apartment finds a body, after confirming his death, uses security cameras to search for movement in the city, disappointed and unsuccessful the robot about to leave the apartment, look for the last time at the screen, finding a girl, the last hope of humanity

Slice of life
Croatia / Drama / 20 mins

Director/Writer: Dino Julius

Director/Writer: Luka Hrgovic

Cast: Anton Svetic

Story about a low-life drug dealer who tries to turn his life around, but finds himself at the mercy of fate when he encounters a cop with an agenda of his own.

Japan / Drama / 12 mins

Director/Writer: Adam Hayes 

Writer: Yasushi Takada

Producer: Adam Hayes , Nick Hayes 

Cast: Yasushi Takada, Risa Shichino 

The year is 1898, Tokyo, JAPAN. A beautiful widow; SACHI, attends a moon-lit KUCHIYOSE ceremony on the anniversary of her deceased husband’s death - to bring her beloved ANJIN back. Time and space blurs - and SACHI is re-united once again with ANJIN - for one brief moment in time.

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