Tuesday, July 23, 9:55 pm

Program 34

@ Laemmle NOHO

United States / Drama / 6 mins

Director/Writer: Ted Chung

Producer: West Liang, Amy Tsang

A man's proposal is derailed by an unexpected interruption.

In Colors
United States / Drama / 16 mins

Director/Writer: Stephanie Willis

Producer: Jason Phillips, Karla, Luna Cantu, Stephanie Willis

Cast: Marilyn Sanabria, Zamara Jimenez, Bryson Allman, Ryan Gabriel

Lauris, a Latina immigrant adjusting to life in an Arizona border town with her new husband Noah, finds her values tested when Julieta, a young, undocumented immigrant on the run, seeks shelter on their property. Will Lauris do what she believes is right and help Julieta? Or will she choose self-preservation?

The Dig
United States / Drama / 11 mins

Director/Writer: Gerardo Antonio de Leon

Producer: Kyle Fischer

Cast: Emily Althaus, Alan Aisenberg

The night before her wedding, a sister enlists the help of her brother to retrieve a wedding ring from their mother’s grave.

Site 22
United States / Drama / 7 mins

Director: Klay Abele

Writer: Kevin Cramer

Producer: Jason Posey

Cast: Jason Posey, Joseph Setticase

Two private security personnel run in terror from something that has broken containment deep below the earth's surface. They are faced with the fact they may be the only ones left.

Something to Live for
United States / Drama / 18 mins

Director/Writer: Adva Reichman

Producer: Nir Dvortchin

Cast: Anuar Jour

Jenin, The West Bank. 16-year-old Nabila sneaks out of her house to meet her boyfriend, Abed. They're clearly in love. Abed gives her a bracelet. Nabila tries to hide her excitement.


6 years later: Nabila, now 8 months pregnant, is training with a knife. She's about to commit a suicide terror attack in Israel and Rafik, her Hamas' operator, wants her to prepare for any plausible scenario.

Further Away
United States / Drama / 11 mins

Director: Sean Frank

Writer: Casallina Kisakye 

Producer: Funmi Akinyode

Cast: Karen Obilom, Ilda Boulware

Further Away, is a film about multi generational trauma and the effects that still live on today.


Diana is a young woman suffering from the long term effects of generational pain and trauma that she inherited from her grandmother.

A Lady
United States / Drama / 18 mins

Director: Mattan Cohen

Writer: Preston Walker

Producer: Ruby Kaye, Juliette Lin

Cast: Annika Foster, Preston Walker, Martinez (III), Emily Rowan

Kendra, a college undergrad, investigates whether or not someone tried to roofie her. Meanwhile, Peter, a fellow classmate, faces an onslaught of crass masculine rhetoric.

Advent Calendar
United States / Expeimental / 4 mins

Director: Taylor Bakken

Writer: Emily Magee

Producer: Julia Glausi

Cast: Jodi Harrison, Ben Clary, Quinn Curry

Told in a darkly whimsical tone, a woman watches as her younger husband tries to reclaim his youth by turning to experimental cooking. As he finds creative freedom in almost inedible food, his wife finds that she's slowly being pushed away day-by-day, meal-by-meal.