Tuesday, July 23, 7:45 pm

Program 33

@ Laemmle NOHO

The Ties That Bind Us
United States / Drama / 12 mins

Director/Writer: Patricia Chavez

Writer: Alejandro Victorero

Producers: Patricia Chavez, Alejandro Victorero

Cast: Abigaille Ozrey, Emily Ozrey

A unique bond formed by love between twin sisters is faced
with tragedy. When their love for one another surpasses all odds to
save a life it becomes clear just how powerful their bond is and how
their love for one another will forever live on.


Moonwalk With Me
United States / Drama / 14 mins

Director/Writer: So Young Shelly Yo

Producer: Jamil Munoz, Daniel Leighton

Cast: Carrie Kim, James Kang, Crystal Lee

A story from the heart about a Korean American girl named Juno who is haunted by her father's disappearances. Upon his return, Juno must decide between keeping her drifting father grounded or letting him go. "Moonwalk With Me" is a tale about the immigrant experience told through a magical landscape.

Appy Days
United States / Drama / 20 mins

Director/Writer: Eric Dyson

Producer: Eric Dyson, Megan Morris

Cast: Pete Gardner, Molly Hagan, Ella Ancheta

"If you can't beat 'em, join 'em" goes bad. Randy finds an app to solve his families mobile technology distraction problem.

United States / Comedy / 11 mins

Director/Writer: Matthew Herrier

Producer: Chelsea Middlebrook

Cast: Dylan Booth, Sean Faye

A futuristic smartphone allows Will to access social media at the speed of thought. He quickly learns the cutting edge cuts deep.

The Persian
United States / Comedy / 6 mins

Director/Writer: Amir Farhang

Tired of people confusing Persians with Arabs, a wayward traveler explains the difference to two Islamaphobic Americans.

United States / Drama / 19 mins

Director/Writer: Anna Golin

Writer: Jacob Stock

Producer: Ruby Mateo

Cast: Lisa Richards, Phil Abrams, Michael Bofshever

Annette, an elderly widow, is content to live a life of quiet routine. But when her one and only companion -- a robotic dog named Fido -- malfunctions unexpectedly, her carefully-curated world is thrown into chaos. As she sets off to save her dear friend, Annette rediscovers a spark and a strength that she thought were gone for good.

Dinner for 4
United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Jane Clark

Writer: Kari Alison Hodge

Producer: Kari Alison Hodge

Cast: Kari Alison Hodge, Zack Schor, Gabrielle Bourne

A bisexual polyamory evangelist, a lesbian blogger who romanticizes monogamy, and a curious freelance photographer and her heterosexual boyfriend meet at dinner party that turns awkward and revealing when the other guests don't show up.