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Thursday, July 18, 3:15 pm

Program 6

@ Laemmle NOHO

After being surrounded by people at the wedding of his mother to his own uncle, Hamlet finally has a moment to himself...herself...themselves.


Director: Marion Kerr

Writer: Shakespeare

Cast:​​ Ross Philips, Krys Marshall, Vivian Kerr

United States / Drama / 4 mins

Stuntman. Actor. UPS employee. Former WWF wrestler, Disney World performer, and NFL nose tackle. Brian Donahue has seemingly done it all. Yet he's still searching for that elusive Hollywood spotlight.

The Guy: The Brian Donahue Story

Director: E.J. McLeavey-Fisher

Editor: Erik Auli

Cinematographer:​​ Joe Victorine

United States / Documentary / 19 mins

Each year thousands of budding actors take that huge leap of faith and move to L.A. or New York in search of stardom. This is the story of once such actress who, with nothing but her talents and determination, would go from anonymity to Broadway stardom within a few short years. She would later become known as the beloved legend of stage and screen, Carol Burnett.

Pipe Dream

Director/Writer: Chris King

Producer: Chris King, Heather King

Cast:​ Lisa Ferris, Julie Anchor

United States / Drama / 19 mins

Devoted assistant Emilee Rank has spent the last three years working for washed-up actor and notorious Hollywood nightmare Parker St. Garrett. After decades of bit parts in B-movies, Parker finally lands a leading role in a successful super hero film franchise. But the good news is quickly eclipsed when he and Emilee discover Parker’s best friend Sexual Jay, dead of an overdose in Parker’s guest room. 

Bad Assistant

Director: Kyle Cogan

Writer: Rachel Forman, Paige Klone

Producer: Brendan Garrett, Paige Klone

Cast:​​ Jason Schwartzman, Paige Klone, Cooper Johnson

United States / Comedy / 26 mins

Marco Kyris worked as Nic Cage’s stand-in for a decade on 20 films; everything from Cage’s break out role in Leaving Las Vegas to the blockbuster franchise National Treasure. In Uncaged: A Stand-in Story, Marco talks about his early life as an actor, his journey into the entourage of Nic Cage, and what it was like working in the shadow for one of Hollywood’s Legends of Cinema.

Uncaged: A Stand-In Story

Director: Blake Johnston, Kelso Steinhoff

Cast:​​ Marco Kyris

Canada / Documentary / 11 mins

Based on a real fact. Amparo Pacheco, an 86-year-old woman, receives a call that could change her life. Actress since she was a child, Amparo toured all of Spain with her husband, now deceased, in a traveling theater company. Who was going to tell her that at this point they would call her to participate in a Hollywood movie with Bruce Willis himself? But for her the most important thing will be to get an autograph for her granddaughter and she will do whatever is necessary to achieve it.

The Day My Grandmother Met Bruce Willis

Director/Writer: Arancha Salamanca

Producer:​​ Ana Alonso Ariño

Spain / Comedy / 15 mins