Monday, July 22, 9:55 pm

Program 29

@ Laemmle NOHO

United States / Comedy / 9 mins

Director: Ben Solenberger

Writer: Dagney Kerr, Chris Karmiol

Producer: Dagney Kerr, Chris Karmiol

Cast: Dagney Kerr, Chris Karmiol

Expecting their first child caused enough stress in Tom and Bertha's marriage. Agreeing on a name may cause an emotional meltdown.

The Man With A Pillow For A Face
United States / Experimental / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Carlos Grana

Producer: Timothy Gagliardo

Cast: Celeste McMillian, Vincent Van Hinte, Alice Ko

A broken heart who sabotages his relationships finds the courage to break the cycle.

The Toll Road
United States / Comedy / 20 mins

Director: Tom Riley

Writer: Richard Galazka

Producer: Jason Berger

Cast:​ Lizzy Caplan, Martin Starr, Billy Gardell, Anthony Carrigan

On the eve of their ninth anniversary, a sweet but naive young couple face a boorish adversary who threatens to ruin their big day.

One Day Notice
United States / Drama / 22 mins

Director: Bryce Marrero

Writer: Matthew Kic, Mike Sorce

Producer: Bryce Marrero

Cast: Celia Imrie, Adam Lopez, Jacqueline Jandrell, 

When a timid assistant tries to quit his job with one day notice, his washed up talent-agent boss gives him a final task: sign Hollywood’s most valuable A-list star... or die.

Dead Ends _new.jpg
Dead Ends
United States / Comedy / 16 mins

Director: Nathaniel C. Carter

Writer: Joe Thompson, Kat Purgal

Producer: Kat Purgal, Joe Thompson

Cast: Kat Purgal, Joe Thompson, JB Tadena, Breanna Wing

After his fiancée dumps him for another man, Andrew moves into a new apartment haunted by a ghost. The only way for the ghost to move onto the afterlife is by helping Andrew move on with his life.

Casting Couch
United States / Comedy / 11 mins

Director: Matt Thiesen, Justin Lee

Writer: Milly Sanders

Cast: Jessee Foudray, David Stanbra, Milly Sanders

Since the dawn of Hollywood, an evil being has lurked in the shadows, feeding off the insecurities of auditioning actors and actresses. It has grown stronger over the decades, consuming hopes and dreams with reckless abandon. But in 2019, has it finally met its match?