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Monday, July 22, 5:30 pm

Program 27

@ Laemmle NOHO

Fed up with the violence and bullying in her city, Sydney dresses up like a bee to fight crime, but to reach her full potential she must first overcome a tragic event from her past.

The Bee

Director: Sam Rocco

Writer: Michael J Karr

Producers: Matt Michienzie, Khari Johnson

Cast: Katie Mae Peters, Michael Perl, Aaron D. Alexander

United States / Comedy / 13 mins

Succumbed by her inner thoughts, a woman must endure a night alone while dealing with her anxiety.


Director: Siena Sivrican

Writer: Gabriela Baron

Producer: Giuliana Guarino

Cast: Giuliana Guarino, Alhan Bilal 

United States / Drama / 5 mins

OTHELLO, William Shakespeare's infamous tale of Jealousy and betrayal is reimagined during the revolutionary experiments of the Black Panther Party.


Director/Writer: Amit Bhalla

Writer: Melanie Andrews

Producer: Melanie Andrews, Amit Bhalla

Cast:‚Äč Saint Ranson Lozon, Juvanie Hildreth, Brighid Fleming

United States / Drama / 21 mins

Based on the directors true story: 
Leading up to the bombing of the B2 residential compound, Diana and Rami endure the hardship of fighting for their lives and family’s safety amidst AlQaeda's war against the West.


Director/Writer: Francois Bittar

Producer: Silvy Guekguezian, Anastasia Mikhayova

United States / Drama / 14 mins

At the centre of Carl's Motel is a man in the midst of dealing with painful life choices and coming to terms with his own personal turmoil. The film is set over the course of 16 minutes in a motel room where Jack has called his wife to reveal that he is leaving her and their son for another woman.  


This film is inspired by Sam Shepard's Coalinga 1/2 way

Carl's Motel

Director/Writer: Stuart McIntyre

Producer: Kristin Porter

Cast: Scoot McNairy, Whitney Able, Fabiànne Thérèse

United States / Drama / 15 mins

A couple's oneupmanship reaches unbelievable heights after a man eats his wife's plums.

Sorry, Not Sorry

Director/Writer: Monique Sorgen

Producer: Darryl Pugh Jr., Monique Sorgen

Cast: Wallace Langham, Jessica Oyelowo, M. Emmet Walsh

United States / Drama / 9 mins

A woman forced into a hurricane shelter must face different perspectives on an event she's been avoiding from the people she's been avoiding

Blind Sight

Director/Writer: Corbin Reid

Producer: Ashley Kate Adams, Anna Notarides   

Cast: Charlie Barnett, Tru Collins, Valarie Pettiford

United States / Drama / 19 mins