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Sunday, July 21, 5:30 pm

Program 22

@ Laemmle NOHO

Esther once traveled the stars in a spaceship with her best friend Jordan. When they crash on a mysterious planet, a dark being is awakened: the incarnation of Esther’s anxieties. Now, in high school and on the verge of losing her co-pilot, she must confront that darkness to win back control of her life.

Suburban Supernova

Director/Writer: Steven Markowitz

Producer: Eelum Mani Dixit 

Cast: Sydney Endicott, Taylor Lyons, Leslie Lank

United States / Drama / 25 mins

Gil Huang, the young founder of a Chinese education agency that gets clients ahead by any means (including cheating), faces tough choices in the wake of an impending exposé.


Director/Writer: Clarence Deng

Writer: Ryan Lee

Producer: Enzo Marc

Cast: Anthony Ma, Caroline Harris, James Tang

United States / Drama / 11 mins

After accidentally tuning to a mysterious late-night radio show, small-town, and sexually repressed woman, NAN (30), calls in to get some answers to her pressing questions about existence, marriage and her purpose on this earth.

Long Time Listener, First Time Caller

Director/Writer: Nora Kirkpatrick

Producer: William Day Frank, Nicole Smolen

Cast:​ Breeda Wool, Demorge Brown, Dominic Bogart

United States / Drama / 17 mins

While Millennial Roxy is struggling to find her place in life, every move she does is connected to the digital world - even her therapist is an Artificial Intelligence. But soon she is having more and more trouble to distinguish between her online world and the real world.


Director/Writer: Tom Schlagkamp

Producer: Javier Lovato

Cast: Brenna Otts, Gareth Koorzen

United States / Drama / 10 mins

The day of his Dad’s funeral Steve receive s a phone call. Harry’s Diner: 9pm...Apparently things aren’t as simple as they seem.

Moving On

Director/Writer: Nyasha Hatendi

Producer: Nyasha Hatendi, Erica Mills, Jason Oldak 

Cast: Elvis Nolasco, Marrianne Jean Baptiste, Keith L Williams 

United States / Drama / 11 mins

Carver and Ella, African-American, in their early 70s, have just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and are trying to decide where to go on their "trip of a lifetime". But then the unexpected happens, and a decision must be made that will change their lives forever.


Director/Writer: A.W. Scott

Producer: Jean Qing Su

Cast: Kim Estes, Efé, Jason Olive, Caroline Harris

United States / Drama / 17 mins