Thursday, July 18, 1:00 pm

Program 5

@ Laemmle NOHO

Damon's Tiki Bar
United States / Webisode / 4 mins

Director/Writer: Randy Gordon

Writer: Jessica Mathews, Connie Monroe

Producer: Jessica Mathews, Connie Monroe

Cast:​​Jessica Mathews, Connie Monroe

Senior Sunday Funday is a great time for the regulars but is it a liability for Damon's?

Gliterally Can't
United States / Webisode / 6 mins

Director: Stephen Van Dorn

Writer: Ana Cobo

Producer: Ana Cobo

Cast:​​ Melissa Cobo, Ana Cobo

After getting in trouble with their ridiculously rich family in their native country of Colombia, Camila and Valentina Carvajal are sent by their father to live in LA by themselves as a punishment. The girl's clueless idea of surviving by themselves and their struggle to adapt in this new country takes us through a laughing journey.

Growing Nowhere
United States / Webisode / 10 mins

Director: Stephen Jangro

Writer: Olivia Baptista, Christina Paterno

Producer: Olivia Baptista, Christina Paterno

Cast: Olivia Baptista, Christina Paterno, Lynn Chen, Drew Macias, Jonathan Sterritt, Ariana Raetz, Alex Payne

Two delusional 20-somethings navigate adulthood and attempt to conquer the job market. All while doing as little work as possible.

Room for Rent
United States / Webisode / 7 mins

Director: Jackie Paul

Writer: Charlotte Van Ierland

Producer: Christian Garcia

Cast:​​ Janna Cardia, Ray Connelly-Gonzalez

As Linda prepares for lunch with her ex-husband, things go array when he brings his new fiancé. Her renter for the week, a priest named Father Harry, makes matters worse when he can’t hold up his end of the bargain.

Production Incorporated
United States / Webisode / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Jonathan Avigdori

Cast:​​ Lauren L. Murray, Laura Monaco, Darin Heames, John J Vogel

A comedy about the ups and downs of a Beverly Hills based commercial production company. 

Take One Thing Off
United States / Webisode / 5 mins

Director/Writer: Scout Durwood

Producer: Kacy Boccumini

Cast: Scout Durwood

Chanteuse Scout Durwood has spent most of her adult life singing in New York clubs and dive bars, fostering a meaningful connection between audience and performer. Now in Los Angeles, where IRL seems IR-elevant, she’s stepping onto the biggest stage of all: The Internet.

The New Homesmiths: The Wild Drive Life 
United States / Webisode / 10 mins

Producer: Rebecca Blumhagen

After making some drastic lifestyle changes and paying off 100k worth of debt in three years, Ben and Meag purchase a prison bus, renovate it into a tiny home, and set out to traverse the country to discover what they want to do with their newfound freedom.

United States / Webisode / 4 mins

Director: Richard Henkels, Judy Jean Kwon

Writer: Judy Jean Kwon

Producer: Richard Henkels, Judy Jean Kwon

Cast: Cuete Yeska, Yelyna De Leon, Judy Jean Kwon

A comedy about crazy-ass moms in gentrifying Venice Beach - oops, my bad, I mean Silicon Beach.

Funny Married Stuff:  
United States / Webisode / 10 mins

Director: Roger Melvin

Writer: Peyton Perrine II, Lia Martin, Nika King

Producer: Lony'e Perrine, Peyton Perrine II, Nika King

A comedic web series that was created to inspire those looking to get married, and to remind married couples that although marriage is hard, it is worth figuring out. Described as “Black-ish" meets "Friends”, “Funny Married Stuff” combines improv humor and relatable situations with a touch of marital lessons.