Wednesday, July 17, 6:00 pm

Program 3

@ Regal Cinema LA LIVE

United States / Drama / 11 mins

Director/Writer: Shiwei Shen

Producer: Yuan Yue

Cast:​​ Andrew Boyle, Daniela Angelina Brown

A 25 years old girl who has to take care of her disabled father gets an invitation from her ex-boyfriend, she has to make a choice between her father and ex-boyfriend.

The Outlying Islands
China / Drama / 20 mins

Director/Writer: Lingxiao Jin

Producer: Zexia Wang

Cast:​​ Mengge Bi, Vivienne Tien

Zhou Chao came back to her hometown, which was located on an island, from her college for summer break, but she was caught by her father when she was meeting with her girlfriend in a motel, so a series of strange stories happened to her during this long summer night.

Lip Reader: Game Of Detective
United States / Comedy / 30 mins

Director/Writer: Shi Tanxuan

Producer: Duan Peipei

Cast:​ Ke Zijing, Li Yixiang, Cao Xinran

Lin is a college student who has a severe hearing impairment, but she has a fantastic talent for reading lip languages. She is famous in the paparazzi industry, and also she served as an “intelligence analyst” for a paparazzi company in her spare time, reading out the information from a large number of videos taken by the paparazzi, and finding out the valuable clues…

A Familiar Stranger
United States / Drama / 16 mins

Director/Writer: Yining Xu

Writer: Xinqi Zhou

Producer: Xiao Ma

Cast:​​ Yingzi Ye, Christele Cervelle

Restless and bored while on holiday with her dad, a shy Chinese girl has a tender and meaningful encounter with a French woman.

Perfect Day
United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Yuechen Hao

Wrirer: Kaye Birkett

Producer: Kai Chieh Yen

Cast:​​ Alicia Blasingame, Gary Black

About to move out of the country, Lila attempts to say a final goodbye to her father, Greg, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. In an effort to help him understand her departure, she tries to use a musical connection from their past that resurrects her own painful memories.

Qiu Shui
China / Drama / 14 mins

Director/Writer: Sunyin Zhang

Producer: David Zhang, Coco Wang

Cast: Ruifeier Gao, Miyi Huang

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