Saturday, July 20, 9:55 pm

Program 19

@ Laemmle NOHO

Contemporary Woody Guthrie
United States / Music Video / 3 mins

Director/Writer: Joel Umbaugh

Producer: Dylan Griffith

Artist: Kay the Aquanaut

Black and white imagery explores the divisive, money-centric, culturally segregated America that Guthrie opposed. An idea reignited by his contemporary, Kay the Aquanaut. 

Lady Parts
United States / Comedy / 10 mins

Director: Erin Rye, Jessica Sherif

Writer: Erin Rye, Rob Frings

Producer: Erin Rye, Rob Frings

Cast:​​ Keller Wortham, Michael Rose, Phillip Daniel

LADY PARTS offers scathing social commentary on a woman's place in the workplace (in this case, a Hollywood film set) disguised as a life-sized, tap-dancing tampon.

F#!k You, Harry Wilson
United States / Comedy / 10 mins

Director/Writer: Rudy Lopez

Cast:​ Joseph Covino

After he and his team are laid off, nothing seems to be going Harry Wilson's way; but Harry is destined to a be a leader, and with a little persistence and elbow grease he may just turn his luck around.

Rock Bottom
United States / Comedy / 12 mins

Director/Writer: Dylan Meyer

Producer: David Lawson Jr.

Cast: Caitlin Stasey, Dustin Milligan, Barry Primus

Rock Bottom chronicles the cosmic/comic misadventures of a girl undergoing a life crisis after she locks herself out of her apartment with no pants on and is thereby forced to confront her emotional, philosophical, and logistical problems.

You Are The Captain
United States / Drama / 11 mins

Director: Dan Samiljan

Writer: Andrew Danks

Producer: Noelle Hubbell

Cast: Matt Gourley, Candice Ramirez

A young woman looking for direction in life signs herself up for a mysterious self-help guru's method to enhance her life. But when she tries to opt out, she finds out that she may have signed up for more than she bargained for.

Cherry Picking
United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director: Tyson Gancayco-Adlao, Stacie Gancayco-Adlao

Writer: Stacie Gancayco-Adlao

Producer: Stacie Gancayco-Adlao

Cast: Eliza Boivin, Stacie Gancayco-Adlao, Kristine Gerolaga, Alpha Faye

A soon-to-be virgin bride questions whether or not waiting until marriage was the right choice, so she confides in her three unmarried, very sexually active female cousins. But, is she telling them everything?

Llorona Motor Inn
United States / Drama / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Jacob Coburn

Producer: Phillip McCauley

Cast: Meg Grujon, Kevin Bohleber, Nikki Neufeld

A young couple moving cross-country finds their relationship tested while spending the night in a haunted motel.

Spells Like Teen Spirit
United States / Comedy / 7 mins

Director/Writer: Angelique Gross

Writer: Nicole N. Nequinto

Producer: Angelique Gross

Cast: Desiree Ramos, Jenna Malatskey, Olivia Blue, Torryn Dahra

Emily is new in town and invited to a sleepover with some girls from school. The slumber party takes a dark turn when the girls reveal their plan for the night - to summon their favorite cult musician back from the dead.

Baby Bird
United States / Comedy / 8 mins

Director: Barret Bowman

Writer: Katie Locke OBrien   

Producer: Katie Locke OBrien   , Andrew Goulet 

Cast: Andrew Goulet, Aaron Goddard, Kristin Goddard

When Jen and Paul are invited to a coworker's dinner party, they get roped in to playing the group's favorite game... Baby Bird. Life will never be the same.