Friday, July 19, 3:15 pm

Program 11

@ Laemmle NOHO

United States / Experimental / 7 mins

Director: Sydne Horton

Writer: Savannah Ward

Producer: Sydne Horton, Savannah Ward

Cast: Kait Haire

While her father's health spirals out of control, Leyla is given a social media opportunity that could make or break her Influencer career.

Debbie & Doug Drop Acid in the Desert
United States / Comedy / 25 mins

Director/Writer: Scott Brown

Writer: Zack Gold

Producer: Jessica Goldstein

Cast:​​ Maria Bamford, Paul Scheer, Larry King

Debbie and Doug (Angela Gulner and Zack Gold) are desperate to re-ignite the fire of their once passionate marriage, but their future is uncertain. About to hit rock bottom, they enlist the help of an alternative therapist (Maria Bamford) who claims that the only way to save their relationship from impending death is to take acid in Joshua Tree.

United States / Drama / 19 mins

Director: Robert McDermott

Writer: Benjamin Enos

Producer: Miriam Arghandiwal

Cast:​ Brandon Barash, Sprague Grayden, Sally Pressman, Callie Kiefer

When a past accident is brought into question, an anesthesiologist must fight for the custody of his only child.

15 Minutes at 400 Degrees
United States / Drama / 16 mins

Director/Writer: Chris McCaleb

Writer: Carmella Casinelli, Doug Cheney

Producer: Carmella Casinelli, Doug Cheney

Cast: Richard Riehle, John Gemberling, Elizabeth Gillies 

Two years after losing his wife, John (Richard Riehle) finds solace in an unusual connection. John spends his free time engaging in an online relationship with a woman (Elizabeth Gillies) who makes him feel connected to his late wife by helping John recreate her recipes. When a masked robber (John Gemberling) appears during their session one night, a whirlwind of events unfolds.

Start With Half
United States / Drama / 6 mins

Director/Writer: Nathaniel Katzman

Writer: Nathaniel Katzman, Daniel Johnsen

Producer: Daniel Johnsen

Cast: George Wyner, Petey J. Gibson

START WITH HALF takes place over the course of an afternoon, during which an ailing conservative widower and his queer grandchild are brought together through the unlikely source of a marijuana muffin.

United Kingdom / Comedy / 18 mins

Director/Writer: Andrew Margetson

Producer: Milos Kvapil

Cast: Nicholas Burns, Dunja Stojanović

A businessman, staying in a hotel in Eastern Europe, strikes up an unusual relationship with the chambermaid. When things go wrong, he discovers she is not what he imagines.