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9:07 by Adeleke Togun

7 lbs 8 oz by Yoo Lee

A Howling Dog by Stijn van Gorkum

A Shared Path by Negar Naghavi

After (A Love Story) by Clare Cooney

Almost Home by Nils Keller

Almost Unreal by Eve de Montbrial

Always Together by Steven Wesley Miller

An Encounter by Kelly Campbell

Annah la Javanaise by Fatimah Tobing Rony

Aurora and the House of Lights by Ángela Matiz

Ave Domus by Jerónimo Hill

Aysha by Cengiz Akaygün

BabyDolls by Calvin Demba

Beep by Soyoung Park

Bertie Wrote Me A Poem by Vittoria Rizzardi Penalosa

Beyond the Lake by Simon Constantine

Black Peider by Jukka Vidgren

Blurred Lines by Corry Raymond

Booksmart by Côme Ferré

Bunker: The Last Fleet by Rowan Pullen

Caterpillar (Sâu Buom) by Marcus Anthony Thomas

Clairvoyant by Elijah Anthony Feigner

Closed World and Its Friends by Nuhae Lee

Confession Day by Ben Hooton

Crossway by Joshua Michael Walsh

Darkside by Spencer Zimmerman

Days of Regret by Poul Erik Madsen

Deathloop by Lukas Herbrand

Delay by Jordan Lynn

Discoveries by Paulo Botelho

Dissociation by Liron Rachel Erez

Diversion by Simon Heymans

Eger, 1552 by Attila Szász

Elena by Luis Enrique Vanegas Obando

Elisabeth by Monica De Almeida

Entre tú y Milagros by Mariana Saffon

Erratum by Giulio Callegari

Evanescent by Hyung Seulwoo

Falling Day by Kyung Seo Park

Familia by Jams xBash

Few Good Things by C.T. Robert

Fieldtrip by Soren Bendt

Focus by Jingyi Chen

Forever Young by Michel Arribehaute

Fortuna by Jairo González

Frimas by Marianne Farley

Funny Animals: Honey Bear by James Nadler

Girls by Payton Ray Daly

Gone (Desaparecida) by Valeria Lopez Mancheva

Gravedigging Sisters by Sso Park

Grey Nomads 2 by Felix Williamson

Grizz by Cameron Staley

Grump in the Night by Kris Theorin

Habitat by Brett Cousins

Hail To The Victims by Kendall Bowlin

Harry The Hamster by Lewis Reeves

Hawawshi by Waleed Bedour

Hiama by Matasila Freshwater

Hidden Valley Place by Bartley Taylor

High Horse by Addie Doyle

Hope En Route by Des Matelske

How to Survive Your First Date by Reese Robers

I Need To See You by Danny Sangra

Ice by Saemi Clara Kwak

If Fishes Were Wishes by Gaia De Paoli

Il Vespista by Francesco Crivaro

In My Mind by Daniel Carrai

Jeff by Walter Joesph Woodman

Kassandra by Ivar Wigan

La Calesita by Augusto Schillaci

Lady Betty by Paul McGrath

Late Bloomer by Nathan Bergs

Lemonade by Colette Samek

Let Me Fall by Jenny Thach

Lions by Beru Tessema

Little Hours In A Perfect World by Daniel Humberto Campos

Lucky cat by Yeung Kwong Chung

Madleen by Wesley Tc Howard

Manny and Quinn by Siobhan Marshall

Marco & Polo Go Round by Benjamin Steiger Levine

Maternal by Vandon Gibbs

Mezosoïque Alternatif

Moles by Vanja Victor Kabir Tognola

Monkey Business by Everon Jackson Hooi

Monkey Paw by Nicholas Martin

Monster In A Box by Noah Weisel

Mr. Spam Gets a New Hat by William Joyce

Musketeer by Philip Shaw

My Dad's an Alien! by Elin Grönblom

My Disability Roadmap by Dan Habib

Nakam by Andreas Kessler

Ngot / Sucré by Joel Nguyen

Niagara Falls by Victor Bellomo

Nick by Cesar Turturro

Nifty Roadshow by Carl J. Sorheim

Night Breakers by Campoy Gabriel

Noctuidae by Alexandra (Ali) Mauritz

Not My Skin by Bálint Klopfstein-László

Numano by Corey David Fuller

Old Windows by Paul Holbrook

One Yes the Other No by Juanita Umaña

Ordinary Family by Funing Tang

Ork by Alex Popov

Orogenesis by Axel Vendrely

Passerby by Mohammad Ali - Entezarian

Piano Lessons by Yung-Chih Hsu

Picturing My Mind by Vinicius Costa


Prepare for Launch / Launch by Vince Williams

Quarantine by Julien Wagner

Radley by Seth Christian


Replay by Tetsuhiko Tsutiya

Saloon by Jeffrey Wisniewski

Scar by Gethin Anthony

Seventeen by Amira Kopeyeva

Sex Sells by Rudi Brekelmans

Sideral by Carlos Segundo

Sifu the Revenge by Benjamin Colussi

Signal Dark by Alex Murray

Skeletons by Sebastián Vargas Flor

Skim by William Pisciotta

Slow Moving Houses by Mischa Jakupcak

So Far So Good by Maria Pawlikowska

Space Race by Shane Dioneda

Spring Roll Dream by Mai T P Vu

Star Gazer by Richard Roosevelt

Stay Pretty, No Pity by Wilco C. Rullens

Steeplechase by Andrey Kezzyn

Stenofonen by Nicolaj Kopernikus

Street No. 4 by Lark Lee

Subhuman by Arjen Schotel

Summer Homework by Jae-wook Jung

Sunnies by Ismail Khan

Take A Look At God's Face by Jack Laurance

Taste of Home by Âni Võ

The Brylcreem Boys by Rafer Rautjoki

The Butterfly Effect by Amy Moore

The Camp by Philip Huff

The Chemical Factory by Drew Leung

The Daughter by Soumyak Kanti DeBiswas

The Last Sacrament by Jahfar Muataz

The Last Woman by Pierre Stine

The Limit Taxi Girl by Masaya Yoshida

The Little Match Girl by Kim Geldenhuys

The Lottery Ticket

The Machine by Isaac Bell

The Madness Store by Alex Guéry

The Man in the Tree by Weber Keith Griffiths

The Night Without The Internet by Tsung Hsuan Yeh

The Originals by Cristina Maria Costantini

The Oubliette by Max Hendrickson

The Pamphlet by Justin Heyl

The Principal's Assembly by Jordan Ancel

The Recruitment by Christian Elliott

The Right Words by Adrian Moyse Dullin

The Ritz by Allex Tarr

The Seine's Tears by Yanis Belaid

The Sistine by Juan Camilo Fonnegra

The Sound of Dreaming by Kalani Gacon

The Truth Within by Gaby Soto

The Wilds by Greig Johnson

Those Who Stay by Fiorella Basdereff

Titan by Valéry Carnoy

To Darkness by Kate Minju Kim

Tofu by Hiroyuki Nishiyama

Trinou by Nejib Kthiri

Unheimlich by Fabio Colonna

Unreel by Christopher Ian Smith

Unremembered by Bhuvanesh Ajithkumar Sheeba

Vacant Spaces by Joe Baughman

Vortex by Guilherme Branquinho

Waving by Rolfin Nyhus

West Bottoms by Gregory Sheffer

When Night Falls by Luke McKinley

When You Were With Me by Gili Danon

Where Has Sam's Shadow Gone? by Tom Taylor

Wilfrid by Samuel G. Davey

Wireless by Brian Benjamin Dwyer

Worm Radio by Austin Smith

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