USA / Drama / 13 minutes

Director: Jason Delane, Leah Cohen-Mays

Writer: Jason Delane Lee

Producer: Addison Henderson

Cast: Jason Delane, Yvonne Huff Lee

When an adopted father of three receives news of his biological birth parents, he must choose whether or not to confront his unknown past -- and its secrets.

Lifeline (1).jpg
USA / Drama / 13 minutes

Director: Elizabeth Manashil

Writer: Erika Longo

Producer: Kelsey Maples

Cast: Laura San Giacomo, Sandra Seacat

Based on a true story and gives an intimate look into ‘a day in the life’ of three generations of women. Adele and her daughter Evette are pushed to their limits when Evette awakens in the middle of the night to find her grandmother experiencing an intense episode.

Lina (1).jpg
Manos De Oro (Hands Of Gold)2.jpg
Manos De Oro (Hands Of Gold)
USA / Drama / 33 minutes 

Director/Writer: Merced Elizondo

Producer: Merced Elizondo, Mark Ragunton

Cast: Julio César Cedillo, Jero Medina

Sergio, a former mechanic, is in the middle of a crippling battle with arthritis. When the opportunity to fix an old family-friend's truck arises, Sergio begins a downward spiral towards denial and self-destructive behavior in an attempt to regain his identity as a working man with purpose. As a result, his struggling relationship with his son is put to the ultimate test.

USA / Drama / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Matthew Avery Berg

Producer: R. Andru Davies, Giacomo Zacchia

Cast: Eric Roberts, Daniel Giacomini

A tattoo artist is forced to confront his past when a client knows what his tattoos really mean.

Marked (1).jpg
Misfit M..jpg
Misfit M.
Canada / Drama / 15 minutes

Director: Austin Ball, Sarah Hempinstall

Writer: Marilyn Monroe

Producer: Paige Locke, Allie Dunbar

Documenting four days in 1961 in which Marilyn Monroe was unknowingly admitted to the psychiatric ward of a New York clinic by her own female psychiatrist, only managing to escape thanks to threats made by ex-husband Joe DiMaggio. Shortly thereafter while recovering in New York Hospital, Monroe wrote a letter. With 100% of the films screenplay taken directly from it, 'Misfit M.' sheds light on a chapter of Monroe's life from a completely untampered point-of-view.

Miss Her.jpg
Miss Her
USA / Drama / 19 minutes

Director/Writer: Adad Joel Warda

Producer: Jan Gregor, Adad Joel Warda

Cast: Abigail Rice, Sinead Phelps

When Beatrice, a lonely woman, finds a handwritten question on her local cafe wall, she begins an unlikely correspondence with an unknown stranger. When she finally asks to meet this individual, it's the last person she ever expected.

My border, my forest.jpg
My Border, My Forest
Italy / Drama / 18 minutes

Director: Giorgio Milocco

Writer: Giorgio Milocco, Mauro Daltin

Producer: Fabiana Balsamo

Cast: Branko Završan

Ivan is a sixty-year-old worker born in former Yugoslavia. He lives with his wife in a small village in Friuli called Torviscosa. One day he decides that the time has come to undertake a journey that will take him back to the places of his childhood, trying to solve the sense of guilt that he feels since he was a child.

USA / Drama / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Grace (Ge) Gao

Producer: Siyu Lin

Cast: Claire Hsu, Grace Chang

Under the familial pressure and countless rejections in her career, an Asian American actress blames everything on her appearance and blindly takes action to better herself.

Narcissus (1).jpg
No Man's Land.jpg
No Man's Land
USA / Drama / 7 minutes

Director/Writer: Sam Upton

Producer: MaryAnn Tanedo

Cast: Breckin Meyer

A haunted marine tries to decipher reality from his own dreams, delusions, and perceptions of death.

USA / Drama / 10 minutes

Director: Dan Asma

Writer: Nicole Jones

A young boy spends the day with an older woman who is the landlord of his Mom's apartment. We discover she is more than just a friend and influence on his troubled home-life.

Norma (1).jpg
USA / Drama / 16 minutes

Director: R.H. Stavis, Katherine Fisher

Writer: R.H. Stavis, 

Producer: Kenneth Renaldo Reynolds, Tiffany L. Gray

Cast: Anna Diop, Andy Favreau

As people begin to "devolve" into monsters, one woman attempts to hide her transformation by placing flowers under her skin.

USA / Drama / 23 minutes

Director/Writer: Yvette Pabon

Producer: Yvette Pabon, Lenny Thomas

Cast: Narci Regina, Lenny Thomas

Reasons follows the life of a young and single mother, Mercy during the late 1950s in rural Georgia. Mercy lives with the difficulty of not having her daughter's father in their lives and struggles with abandoning the illusion of having “the perfect family.” In a time and place where women had very little authority over their own lives, she is willing to sacrifice her own happiness to give her child the family life she has always longed for.

Reasons (1).jpg
USA / Drama / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Eric Cloughley

Producer: Eric Cloughley, Anthony E. Cabral

Cast: Robyn Coffin, Preston Tate Jr.

The true story of a cancer-survivor chef pushed to the brink of abandoning her struggle to help others heal through good food when an amazing twist of fate reignites her passion to press on.

Recipiphany (1).jpg
Reduction in Force.jpg
Reduction in Force
USA / Drama / 8 minutes

Director/Writer: Joey Fingers

Producer: Derek Vitatoe, Andy Ahrens

Cast: KateLynn Newberry, Yuvi Hecht

Lana is a hardworking single mom who's forced to make a painful decision when it comes to doing what's best for her teenage son.

Say It Isn't So.jpg
Say It Isn't So
USA / Drama / 4 minutes

Director: Cindy Iodice

Writer: Alex Smith

Producer: Connie M. Florez

Cast: Linda Castro, Tony Apilado

Set in the late 1950's, Jesse is a Filipino Casanova and legendary con-artist. Nearing 81 years of age, Jesse has outlived most everyone except his best friend Blair, who knows him better than he knows himself. Blair is sitting at the table tinkering with an old movie camera, trying to get the darn thing working, when Jesse stops by her yard sale. Jesse promises to change his cheating ways. 

Silver Moon_edited.jpg
Silver Moon
USA / Sci-Fi / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Elias Benavidez

Producer: Joseph Papa

Cast: John Cothran, Jaimi Paige

After the death of his wife, a retired astronomer struggles to co-exist with his in-home caretaker. Plagued by dreams of colliding meteorites, he questions if he’s envisioning the future... or if he’s unraveling into his 'dementia wonderland.'