USA / Comedy / 16 mins

Director/Writer: Joshua M. Thomas

Producer: Kari Lee Thomas

Cast: Henry Hudson Thomas,

Kikoleiani Gunawan Horne

What happened to Delilah McDonald?

Slashing Silverlake
USA / Comedy / 7 mins

Director/Writer: Daniel Lir, Bayou Bennett

Producer: Dream Team Directors,

Sandra Santiago

Cast: Jim Meskimen

To Save the World from Hipsters, the Dead will Rise

Smoking Wet
USA / Comedy / 20 mins

Director: MIchael Hilf

Writer: MIchael Hilf, Robin McDonald

Producer: Barrett Nicol

Cast: Robin McDonald, Mike Rad

When funeral director Lois Yerdun accidentally takes the drug ecstasy her world is completely turned upside-down, as she is alone at the funeral home, and forced to supervise a funeral. The unintended results are life changing as we go for the ride with her in this hilarious 20 min comedy.

Speech & Debate
USA /  Comedy / 11 mins

Director: Cassandra Jean Amell

Writer: Kamen Edwards

Producer: Cassandra Jean Amell,

Stephen Amell

Cast: Stephen Amell, Aisha Tyler

In the cut-throat world of High School Speech & Debate, if you're not a Winner, you're a fucking Loser.

The Baker
USA / Comedy / 13 mins

Director: Austin Everett

Writer: Aubrey Reynolds

Producer: Lizze Gordon, Aubrey Reynolds

Cast: Adam Tsekhman, Aubrey Reynolds

A killer Baker (an assassin who literally kills with cupcakes) gets into a sticky situation when the man she falls for ends up being her next mark.

The Gesture and the Word
USA / Drama / 23 mins

Director/Writer: Helen Alexis Yonov

Producer: Andrea Fellers

Cast: James Michael Tyler, Paul Dooley

A lonely postman (Gilbert) secretly recreates postcards for a woman (Aurore) on his postal route when her boyfriend's homemade postcards stop arriving from his travels around the world. With the help of his friend Mr. Rostalle, (Paul Dooley) a blind widower and retired literary professor/poet, Gilbert (James Michael Tyler) learns to open himself up to the prospect of love, and in the process of trying to bring someone else happiness, discovers it for himself.

The Hit
USA / Comedy / 7 mins

Director/Writer: Jason A. White

Producer: Kamilla Brenneysen

Cast: Hilary Barraford, Matthew Rocheleau

When a hardened hit woman falls for her suicidal mark, she learns that having it all may come with collateral damage.

The Priest
USA / Drama / 17 mins

Director/Writer: Michael Vukadinovich

Producer: Megan Halpern, Terry Huang

Cast: Patton Oswalt, Malcom Madera

In a lonely desert town a suicidal priest (Patton Oswalt) makes a decision that kicks into motion a series of strange events leading him to an unexpected discovery. Is it coincidence or miraculous?

USA / Comedy / 11 mins

Director: Nino Aldi

Writer: Andy Marlatt

Producer: Jake Hunter, Jeion Green,

Patricia Chica

Cast: Adam Waheed, Destorm Power

In this powerful and thought-provoking dark satire, the themes of identity and discrimination unfold during a train ride between two stations as an African American, an Arab-American and a white man try to rob a train. However, no one wants to rob their own race.

Un-Dateable Britt
USA / Comedy / 11 mins

Director: Jacob Swanson

Writer: Kristine Veta

Producer: Kristine Veta

Cast: Kristine Veta, Mia Marcon

Britt is convinced monogamy is a trap and something older generations were obsessed with because they had no true career ambitions. She thoroughly enjoys the swipe community.... through the powers of the apps she can engage or disengage with whomever she pleases.

(You'll Make It In) Florida
USA / Comedy / 20 mins

Director/Writer: Phil Chernyak

Producer: Zach Fleming, Blake Jones

Cast: Emily Cass McDonnell, Tricia Paoluccio

When a magazine ad comes to life, a depressed English teacher (and her dog) embark on a wild ride through the wonders of the Sunshine State.