USA / Comedy / 10 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Howie E. Kremer

Cast: Tracy Meyer, Tim Jo

An office argument gets settled on the baseball field.

Karate Belt.jpg
Karate Belt
USA / Comedy / 12 minutes 

Director/Writer: Stephen Huff

Producer: Sarah Huff

Cast: Dymyll Jones

An eccentric man finds a discarded karate belt, and when he dons it, becomes the neighborhood vigilante superhero in his own mind. However, his attempts to do good lead him to find out he is not as tough as he thinks he is.

L Fot Loser.JPG
L For Loser
Canada /  Comedy / 13 minutes 

Director/Writer: Dempsey Bryk

Producer: Dempsey Bryk, William Bryk

Cast:​ William Bryk, Sydney Meyer

In this Torontonian comedy boasting some of the biggest Canadian star names, a lowly young trophy shop employee who has never won anything other than a participation ribbon, is in love with his manager and stages a robbery to try to prove to her that he is in fact “a winner.”

Last Strike.jpg
Last Strike
USA / Comedy / 18 minutes

Director/Writer: Zan Gillies

Producer: Zan Gillies, Lysandra Petersson, Zach Laliberte

Cast: Joseph Carlson, Alyssa Wilmoth-Keegan

After being struck by lightning twelve times, a lost man tries to find out what the universe is trying to tell him.

Like the Ones I Used to Know.jpg
Like The Ones I Used To Know
Canada / Comedy / 18 minutes

Director/Writer: Annie St-Pierre

Producer: Fanny Drew, Sarah Mannering

Cast: Steve Laplante, Lilou Roy-Lanouette

December 24, 1983, 10:50 p.m.; Julie and her cousins ate too much sugar, Santa Claus is late and Denis, alone in his car, is anxious at the idea of setting foot in his ex-in-law's house to pick up his children. The film is an early coming-of-age that is as squeaky as it is poetic.

Mark II.jpg
Mark II
USA / Comedy / 8 minutes 

Director: Brent Howard

Writer: Brent Howard, Pride St. Clair

Producer: Heather Brawley, Eric Thompson

Cast: John Ennis, Daria Balling

A lowly office worker stumbles upon a floppy disk that will transform his life forever.

Navel Gazers.jpg
Navel Gazers
USA / Comedy / 15 minutes

Director: Kimmy Gatewood

Writer: Annie Mebane

Producer: Lauren Bancroft, Kimmy Gatewood

Cast: Kimmy Gatewood, Matt Rocheleau

In the inevitable future where everyone has a permanent curve in their spine from looking at their screens, one woman longs to break free of her screen and experience the world with her own eyes. After discovering an old chiropractic book from the past, her wish becomes a reality at a horrible cost.

No Manners_edited.jpg
No Manners
USA / Comedy / 3 minutes 

Director: Teodor Karakolev

Writer: Naomi Prentice

Producer: Teodor Karakolev, Naomi Prentice

Cast: Naomi Prentice, Carolyn Hennesy

Two women bickering about manners while searching for the perfect grave site

Rudeboy's Restaurant_edited.jpg
Rudeboy's Restaurant
USA / Comedy /  6 minutes 

Director/Writer: Phillip Yaw Domfeh

Producer: Priya Domfeh, Taylor Rae

Cast: Emily Anne Browning, Amanda Tarver

Afraid that she’ll be negatively associated with unfavorable patrons of a Jamaican Restaurant, a white woman falsely claims to be the distant cousin of mid 2000s Dancehall Super Star Sean Paul.