Netherlands / Comedy / 2 mins

Director/Writer: Thessa Meijer

Producer: Julia Rombout

Cast: Famke Louise, Daniël Kolf

During an extreme heat wave, a shy girl seeks refuge in an ice cream shop. But when she looks into the eyes of the charming vendor, she is on thin ice.

I Can Change
USA / Comedy / 15 mins

Director/Writer: Jim Jenkins

Producer: Marc Grill, Greg McCollum

Cast: John Hoogenakker, Lucy Cudden

The night before his wedding, an underachiever receives the power to stop time, so he attempts to make major life changes his fiancé wants him to make, all before morning.

I'm Rapper Girlfriend
USA /  Comedy / 8 mins

Director/Writer: Cody Kostro

Producer: Will Maxwell-Lunney

Cast:​ Simone Grossman, Oghienero Gbaje,

Ally Sheedy

Rapper Girlfriend, an up-and-coming British artist, is betrayed by her jealous boyfriend before she meets with a major record executive.

It's What She Would Have Wanted
USA / Comedy / 13 mins

Director: Nate Trinrud

Writer: Marie Semla

Producer: Desiree Staples, Andrew Tolbert

Cast: Marie Semla, Desiree Staples

Maggie welcomes four of her oldest friends back home after the unexpected death of one of their own. She convinces them to fulfill a childhood pact - destroy all evidence of their friend’s most embarrassing secrets. Their plan proves less than fool proof when long-buried resentments begin to rise, and the group realizes Maggie is dealing with more than the loss of a friend.

USA / Comedy / 7 mins

Director: JEAN

Writer: Natalie Prisco

Producer: Mike DePuy, Josh Rothfeld

Cast: Marissa Jaret Winokur, Alice Callahan

A desperate woman meets her wealthy best friend for afternoon coffee and does the unthinkable, forever ruining their friendship.

Uruguay / Comedy / 11 mins

Director/Writer: Hernán Olivera

Producer: Diego Sardi

Cast: Agueda Restaino, Gabriela Fumía

Four adult siblings are reunited at their mother's house, who summons them to give them some news. Forced to share the same room, their weary faces change when the old lady reveals she has won the lottery. Tender as the children they once were, and desperate for the money, each of them play their strategy to seduce their mother and keep the prize, without losing sight of the other members of the table: their adversaries to defeat.

Men of Vision
USA / Comedy / 20 mins

Director: Frank Todaro

Writer: Frank Todaro

Producer: Robert Fernandez, Dan Levinson

Cast: Aaron Serotsky, Bryan Burton, Richard Portnow

At the turn of the 20th Century, swaggering inventor Hubert Moss is having a dry spell that threatens to ruin him. Could the young acolyte who shows up at his door be his salvation?

Mom Fight
USA / Comedy / 13 mins

Director/Writer: Mickey Finnegan

Producer: Jennifer Khoe, Sacha Smith

Cast: Jennifer Khoe, Michaela McAllister

Two moms seek the hottest toy this holiday season at the local store. The problem is, there's only one left.

Moneybag Head
USA / Comedy /  15 mins

Director/Writer: Patrick O'Brien

Producer: Sarah Winshall

Cast: Chris Grace, Cathryn Mudon

Dennis, a lonely sad sack with an unfortunate cranial deformity, finds himself romantically entangled with Catherine, a charming political cartoonist. After the two share an intensely intimate night together, Dennis is happier than he’s ever been… until he sees Catherine’s latest cartoon.

USA / Comedy /  19 mins

Director/Writer: Veronica Rodriguez

Producer: Jay Ellis, Aaron Bergman

Cast: Jay Ellis, Aly Maki, John Gemberling

An absurdist short inspired by real events, follows two renowned auction houses, Chirstees and Brothabees, as they battle for a $20m art collection owned by Mr. Song, CEO of Centro Plinko Corporation.