USA / Comedy / 8 mins

Director/Writer/Producer: Xiaojie Wu

Cast: HiraNur Ruzehaji, Tara Hatzidakis

Young lady Abby suffers from superstitious believes about her unibrow from her mother. Backed into a corner, she revenges to set her mother right and regain control of her life.

USA / Comedy / 21 minutes

Director/Writer: Carly Sullivan

Producer: Ryan Dziadosz, Benjamin Kang

Cast: Carly Sullivan, Joseph Reitman

Becoming is a dramady with a magical twist that explores themes of death, grief, and transformation. On their 33rd birthday Scott and Morgan, twin brother and sister, learn that like their mother Beatrice, they were baptized into the coven and are witches and have a chance to open a portal to bring their mother back. Will they accept their their identity and unite in bringing their mother back, or will their grief keep them from stepping into their true nature?

becoming (1).jpg
USA / Comedy / 11 minutes

Director: Jason Schumacher

Writer: Jamie Janek

Producer: Jason Schumacher, Jamie Janek

Cast:​ Jamie Janek, Justen Jones

Chaos is therapy sometimes.

Can You Dig It.jpg
Can You Dig It?
USA / Comedy / 11 minutes

Director/Writer: Jake Thomas

Producer: Tracy Chitupatham

A hitchhiking serial killer vows to change his ways, only to immediately be picked up by possibly the most murder-able man in the world.

Close Ties to Home Country.jpg
Close Ties to Home Country
USA / Comedy / 15 minutes 

Director/Writer: Akanksha Cruczynski

Producer: Felicia Ferrara

Cast: Akanksha Cruczynski, Cassie Kramer

Millennial immigrant Akanksha waits for her sister’s visit from India (they haven’t seen each other in nine years!) Meanwhile, she’s dogsitting the fancy Frenchie of Instagram influencers India and Harry, who themselves are on a trip to India’s namesake.

Emma Without Edmund.jpg
Emma Without Edmund
USA / Comedy / 16 minutes 

Director/Writer: Nicolas Minas

Producer: Elizabeth Balla

Cast: Lynn Cohen, Stuart Rudin

Emma, a widow who embarks on a mission to bring her husband back from the dead so that she can punish him for cheating on her. Emma (Lynn Cohen), a solitary widow in her 80’s, finds old polaroids of her husband, Edmund, in bed with another woman.

House Plants.jpg
House Plants
USA / Comedy / 13 minutes 

Director/Writer: Talia Tabin, Beth Triffon

Producer: Kerry Henderson, Tim Blane

Cast: Talia Tabin, Beth Triffon

Life gets strangely primitive when millennial roommates Maddie and Alex are gifted a houseplant.

USA / Comedy / 9 minutes 

Director: Enrique "Rico" Diaz

Writer: Simon Morton

Producer: Sakura "Suki" Ramirez

A well-to-do Mexican family gets a surprise visit by I.C.E., which has been renamed "Immigration and Customs Encouragement".

I'm Not a Robot.jpg
I'm Not A Robot
USA / Comedy / 2 minutes 

Director/Writer/Producer: Brian Olliver

Cast: Marcus Folmar, Hayes Dunlap

Desperate to find the perfect new employee during a job interview, a weary office manager discovers that his new recruit is not what he seems.