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New Zealand / Suspense / 13 minutes

Director/Writer: Matasila Freshwater

Producer: Lisa Taouma

Cast: Elsie Polosovai

A young Solomon Islands teenager encounters bullying and microaggressions at school, and takes fate into her own hands when she is visited by a guardian spirit of her family. This ancient Shaman teaches her how to shake up the world into a new reality.

Manny and Quinn.jpg
Manny and Quinn
New Zealand / Drama / 10 minutes

Director/Writer: Siobhan Marshall

Producer: Millen Baird, Florence Hartigan

Cast: Norelle Scott, Kirk Torrance

An introverted shopkeeper forges a new friendship with the mystery man next door through a playful yet competitive game of dress-ups with their shop mannequins.

tHE Brylcreem Boys.JPG
The Brylcreem Boys
New Zealand / Drama / 14 minutes

Director/Writer: Rafer Rautjoki

Producer: Mark Cassidy

Cast: Rangimoana Taylor, Kiri Naik, Acushla-Tara Kupe

Kara is tasked with discovering why her Uncle’s first love abandoned him on the opening night of his band’s national tour.

The Machine.JPG
The Machine
New Zealand / Drama / 26 minutes

Director: Isaac Bell

Writer: Matt Kelleher

Producer: Mark J Cassidy

Cast: Lachlan McPheat, Erin Meek, Phil Brown

"In a quiet corner of rural New Zealand, a teenage boy holds the key to the greatest discovery of our time. The world is tough for our young genius who’s largely misunderstood by the people around him. But for him to unlock the last piece of the puzzle, he needs the help of his idol, a famed industrialist on the other side of the world. What he doesn’t realise is that by building The Machine, he’s started a chain of events that could, if it works, change the course of history."

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