A Godless Country.jpg
A Godless Country
Australia / Drama / 20 minutes 

Director/Writer: Jesse Richardson

Producer: Jesse Richardson, Dave Redman

Cast: Jesse Richardson, Samantha McClurg

Moreton Bay Penal Settlement. 1832. Finn and Mary O'shea, two Irish convicts, labour under the evils of colonial Australia - a place liberty does not yet exist. But when fate takes their beloved daughter, Annie, they abscond to the bush in a desperate attempt to find a way back to Ireland - to return 'home'. Forsaken in a heartless, unforgiving land and relentlessly hunted by the convict over-seer, they must find a way back to their faith, each other and their daughter or become victims of A Godless Country.

From Sent Ash to Dancing Ground_edited.j
From Sent Ash To Dancing Ground
Australia / Drama / 20 minutes 

Director/Writer: Maëva Spyropoulos

Producer: Maëva Spyropoulos, Alexandros Ouzas

Cast: Ellen Grimshaw, Mark Diaco

A woman finds her footing in remote surrounds after unforeseen events guide her through an unusual grieving process.

Australia /  Drama / 11 minutes 

Director: Brian Patto

Writer: Christopher Gillingham

Producer: Darren McFarlane, Georgia Mappin

Cast:​ Basel Patto, Lara Matti

A father living in war-torn Iraq protects his daughter from violent fanatics, using the innocent game of hide-and-seek.

Hells Kitchen.JPG
Hells Kitchen
Australia / Crime / 17 minutes 

Director/Writer: Steve Young

Producer: Steve Young, Joshua Hoareau

Cast: Steve Young, Serge De Nardo

Hells Kitchen captures a moment in time, New York City, 1978, and explores the power struggle inside New York's crime families. When mobsters and business associates start vanishing or turning up dead, Jimmy' The Don' Gallo tasks his enforcer and underboss Johnny Santorelli to find who's responsible.

New Zealand / Drama / 5 minutes

Director/Writer: Celia Jaspers

Producer: Celia Jaspers, Auriga Martin

Cast: Charlotte Jaspers, Frank Edwards

When she sees an old man unable to pay for his milk, a young girl has a change of heart.

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My Friend Anxiety.jpg
My Friend Anxiety
Australia / Drama / 30 minutes 

Director/Writer: Ryan Chamley

Producer: Madison Chamley, Stu Ross

Cast: Doug Lyons, Jackson Tozer

Cole, an anxiety riddled designer by day, aspiring comic book artist by night comes face to face with the manifestation of his Anxiety in the form of an overbearing character wearing a fur coat that can only be seen and heard by Cole, making the simplest tasks in life incredibly difficult.
Cole must learn to reason and negotiate with his anxiety, if he’s to live any version of a ‘normal’ life.

Our Father.jpg
Our Father
Australia/USA / Drama / 15 minutes 

Director/Writer: Felicity Price

Producer: Tim Duffy, John Markland

Cast: Amanda Brooks, Shiloh Fernandez

Disowned as a child by her father, a wealthy and infamous composer, a young English woman returns to New York, the glamorous playground of her youth, to help the brother she hasn’t seen since childhood. Awaiting trial for murder in New York’s notorious Rikers Island jail and fearful for his life, her brother implores her to do the one thing she cannot: beg their father for help. Based on true events.

Run South.jpg
Run South
Australia / Drama / 29 minutes 

Director: Frank Magree, David Cleeve

Writer: Frank Magree, Karen Donald

Producer: Paul Henri, Made Rama Trang

Cast: Frank Magree, Paul Henri

An Australian soldier is held captive during the Vietnam war. A young marine enters his world presenting him with a harrowing choice.

Space Invader.jpg
Space Invader
New Zealand / Dama/ 16 minutes 

Director: Isaac Bell

Writer: Matt Kelleher

Producer: Lissandra Leite, Isaac Bell

Cast: Common Ruka, James Jennings

"Max is a small boy with a big imagination. Him and his Dad form a tight knit crew. But when Dad gets a new girlfriend, Max must find a way to confront this new menace before she steals his dad forever."

Australia / Drama / 8 minutes 

Director/Producer: Niamh Donohoe

Writer: Niamh Donohoe, Imogen Short

Cast: Hannah Bath, Catherine Glavicic

Mel is ecstatic to be declared “Woman in Finance 2020” - it epitomises everything she wants to achieve in her life: synergy, alignment, strategy, outcomes.

The Spaces Between.jpg
The Spaces Between
Australia / Drama / 19 minutes 

Director/Writer: Alexandra Leary

Producer: Kimberley Duband

Cast: Tegan Crowley, Rick Davies

An exploration of love, loss, friendship and fertility, The Spaces Between exposes the cracks that can develop in even the strongest relationships, and the lengths we will go to heal them.

Australia / Fantasy / 21 minutes 

Director: Andrew Jaksch

Writer: Philip Cristian Claassen

Producer: Melanie Killingsworth, Andrew Jaksch

Cast: Jessica Tanner, Tom Farrah

Today is November 19th, 1969, and this young successful couple find themselves in a vicious cycle, trapped within an impenetrable void. He wields his power and entitlement like weapons, can she distinguish one day from another? And how does she survive?

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