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The Daughter2.jpg
The Daughter
India / Drama / 16 minutes

Director/Writer: Soumyak Kanti DeBiswas

Producer: Ira Dubey, Zico Maitra

Cast: Naseeruddin Shah, Ira Dubey, Jitendra Shastri, Chitrangada Satarupa

In an Indian town under curfew, a young woman sets out in search of a man who can help her carry out an act that will test her limits. Based on real events and a collection of unpublished poems, The Daughter directed by Soumyak Kanti DeBiswas stars legendary Indian actor Naseeruddin Shah and Ira Dubey.

India / Social / 12 minutes

Director/Writer: Bhuvanesh Ajithkumar Sheeba

Producer: Black and Blue Artists

Cast: Ayushi Anand, Anand Kumar

Unremembered is the story of lives lost fighting for their rights; living in a world where wearing your skin as your own is a point of contention, a punishable offence—where individuality is threatened and where power is concentrated in the hands of a few who oppress and continue to grow as lives lost remain lost and are nowhere to be found. Peace is a gamble.

The Sound of Dreaming2_edited.jpg
The Sound of Dreaming
Nepal / Drama / 29 minutes

Director: Kalani Gacon

Writer: Kalani Gacon, Maya Luna Khan

Producer: Kalani Gacon, Sampada Malla

Cast: Reema Midhun Magar, Saroz Shrestha, Kabya Adhikari, Rohit Rumba

On her way to start a new life in Australia, Sonam remembers a trip she had with a ride-sharing motorcycle driver, Bikash, who had been having the same recurring dream as her. As Bikash and Sonam try to find eachother again in Kathmandu, Bikash begins to use his lucid dreams to find her in the real world.

Israel / Drama / 10 minutes

Director/Writer: Liron Rachel Erez

Producer: Bissan Tibi

Shiran (30) arrives to a hotel to spend the night with her husband after the wedding ceremony. During the night, a variety of strange events begin to happen, including the disappearance of her spouse. To find him and reunite, Shiran must deal with a traumatic event from her past that she has repressed for years.

When you were with me.jpg
When You Were With Me
Israel / Drama / 11 minutes

Director: Gili Danon, Efrat Shalom Danon

Writer: Gili Danon

Producer: Itai Tamir, Ami Livne

Cast: Levana Finkelstein, Shlomo Vishinsky

Tikva lays wounded on the bathroom floor with her unconscious husband on top of her. She can’t move. No one hears her cries for help. Exhausted, she sets out on a journey to save her life.

Iran / Drama / 28 minutes

Director/Writer: Mohammad Ali - Entezarian

Producer: Mohammad Ali - Entezarian, Siavash Ramazanloo

Cast: Alireza Sanifar, Niloufar Koukhani, Saghi Hajipour, Houman Moghimi

A triple narrative of a child In the autumn noon of Tehran

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