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Korea / Sci-Fi / 35 minutes

Director/Writer: Soyoung Park

Producer: Jeyeong Park

Cast: Yeeun Kim, Hayul Yang

The world has been suffering for twenty years from the Tinnitus pandemic which causes inflammation from ears to brains.
In beyond of hope of development of the vaccine and medicine, the government has secretly eliminated the infected population.
Jinhee, a medical worker who’s been infected, hides the fact by using hearing aids.

Closed World and Its Friends.jpg
Closed World and Its Friends
Korea / Sci-Fi / 30 minutes

Director/Writer: Nuhae Lee

Producer: Jihun Park

Cast: Wooyeon Han, Heetae Jung, Woori Oh

In the future where virtual reality has become a thing of daily life, Soomin works as a counselor in her own virtual reality. One day, a strange man, Cheolwoon, comes to Soomin's virtual space. Cheolwoon asks Soomin to come to his space, where Soomin goes to find Cheolwoon's hidden dark secret. A look into our future, intertwining escapism and transhumanism.

Korea / Drama / 30 minutes

Director/Writer: Hyung Seulwoo

Producer: Ahn Sung-yong

Cast: Lee Jieun, Lee Hayoung

Sue-kyung is a young adult who is struggling to fit in at work due to her introverted nature. She signs up for an SNS service, where she begins to communicate regularly with a stranger named Jeong-yeon. Having no other friend, Su-kyung opens up to Jeong-yeon, and the two of them finally agree to meet up in person.

Falling Day.JPG
Falling Day
Korea / Drama / 15 minutes

Director: Kyung Seo Park

Writer: Da Bin Kim

Producer: Yuji Nam

Cast: Da Bin Kim, Hangyul Park

'My sister pregnanted. And so did i.' Na B, a high school student, has a Taemong(precognitive dream about the birth of a child). Na B thinks it was Taemong for her elder sister's baby, but Na B's mother already had it... She is reconfirmed, like killing death again for confirmation that Taemong was her own by the obstetrics and gynecology. In order to get rid of the baby, Na B and her boyfriend Suerim ask around for methods to get rid of the baby, but for abortion, above all, parental consent is required, as well as abortion cost.

Gravedigging Sisters.jpg
Gravedigging Sisters
Korea / Drama / 22 minutes

Director/Writer: Sso Park

Cast: Jung Min Hwang, Seong Gyeong Lee, Cabral Sunmi Park

Geum-ok has to put his son's underwear underneath her father's grave for her blessedness. Therefore, she goes to visit her two estranged sisters have their own circumstances, and they decide to relocate their father's grave confidentially with wishes for their fortune.

Korea / Drama / 11 minutes

Director/Writer: Saemi Clara Kwak

Producer: Saemi Clara Kwak

Cast: Eunchae Lee, Geumseona Yoon

Due to a trauma that could not be healed, Do-ah used to take ice cream with her, longing for her love and comfort from her mother. Then one day, the ice cream speaks to her. It tells her that there is no need to be afraid now and that it will give her strength...

Summer Homework.JPG
Summer Homework
Korea / Drama / 22 minutes

Director/Writer: Jae-wook Jung

Producer: Ye-sol Kang, Min-jin Kim, Jae-wook Jung

Cast: Yu-ha Lee, Ye-An Nam

Leesun is filming a V-log for her summer vacation homework. Sooin is at the verge of divorce with Jaehyun. Jaehyun calls Sooin to invite her to a funeral for Leesun’s great aunt. Sooin and Leesun heads to Jaehyun’s hometown with different agendas; Leesun in effort to film a V-log as a whole family, while Sooin in effort to finalize the divorce.

To Darkness_edited.jpg
To Darkness
Korea / Drama / 15 minutes

Director/Writer: Kate Minju Kim

Producer: Minseung Kim

Cast: Inyoung Ju, Jiwon Oui

Two women discuss how to kill.

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